Lego Superhero Movie Maker iPhone App

Lego Offers Free App For Stop-Motion Superhero Movies

Lego Superhero Movie Maker iPhone App

Lego is one of those children’s toys that has universal appeal as it lets kids work with their imagination and build things – from police stations, to cityscapes, to works of art, to random structures. I’m sure I wasn’t the only child in the early nineties that tried my hand at doing stop-motion short animations with the Lego-based sets my friends and I had designed.

Lego understands this desire of children to make films, and whereas we had to use an old digital tapes – modern kids either have an iPhone themselves or have parents that do – and that is a pretty decent video camera right there. To coincide with Lego’s DC Universe Superheroes range, they have brought out an iPhone app designed specifically for making just such stop-motion movies. And the best part is it’s free (and let’s be honest no-one is going to take any notice of that claim that people should be over 18 to download it!)

Some features of the app include:
-Add & delete frames to your movie
-Choose from 5 different soundtracks
-Add a color filter to the camera
-Customize one of 11 different title LEGO Super Heroes cards
-Save your movie to your camera roll then share with your friends

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