Nothing Brings People Together Like Mourning A Superstar (RIP MCA)


As the sad news of the passing of Beastie Boy MCA (Adam Yauch) hit the internet after a long struggle with cancer, there was an outpouring of grief that would be expected for such an influential musician – and Twitter, as usual, was the place were people shared their feelings with the world.

As people swapped Beastie Boys lyrics and videos highlighting some of Yauch’s best work both as MCA and as the man producing and directing many of the videos under the pseudonym Nathaniel Hornblower, his influence on people’s lives and modern culture became apparent with every trending topic in the US being beastie Boys related!/meigs/status/198464846075932672/photo/1

Whether you were a fan of the Beastie Boys or not, there is no doubt their cultural importance over the last 25 years from music, to fashion, to politics and aspirations. Fans shared their admiration for the Yauch, as did many musicians from across the spectrum from electro DJ A-trak to ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic!/atrak/statuses/198467857347117057!/KristNovoselic/statuses/198475526380335105!/DonaldGlover/statuses/198467928335720448
Coldplay even did a cover of (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!) at their show at the Hollywood Bowl last night.

When superstars have passed in years gone by there would be an obituary in the news on TV or in newspapers, but now it is real people sharing real emotions, and you can see the true impact of a person on all of us.

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