Android To Incorporate Enyo?

EnyoHP may have bought Palm and WebOS with the best of intentions, but after continually failing to invest time and resources in the operating system, and doing little with the impressive HTML5-based Enyo framework except publishing its source – many of the team behind it, including lead Matt McNulty, are moving to Google.

Google have not announced on which products or services these developers may be working on, but with the current issues with Oracle over the Android Java stack, they may well be integrated into to the Android team in order to create and alternative HTML5 stack which would truly be free from Oracle’s grasp. Such an open and web-technology based system would certainly be popular amongst web developers, as developing apps for Android as an OS would no longer take different skills to developing mobile websites in general. It would also cement Android’s place as the truly web-focused and open-thinking mobile OS in contrast to the closed systems from Apple, Microsoft, and RIM.

[via The Verge]

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