O2 Offering Discounts To Customers After Outage

Wireless operator O2 had a tough time last week after a large proportion of its network went down across much of the UK leaving customers without voice, text, and the internet connections we now rely on so much.

As way of an apology, the operator are offering its customers 10% off their bill in September (that’s three free days) as well as £10 to spend in any O2 shop through its Priority Moments benefits scheme.

To the company’s credit they never passed the blame to their technological partner Ericsson or gave excuses about weather conditions, the upcoming Olympics, or anything else, saying in a statement

The issue we had was unprecedented and we recognise that this caused inconvenience and frustration for those who had a disruption in service

It was not just O2 customers that were affected by the outage however, as MVNOs Giff Gaff and Tesco Mobile both run on O2’s network. Giff Gaff customers are also getting the 10% discount (but no £10 voucher), whilst Tesco Mobile (which is half owned by O2) is yet to comment on compensation.

This won’t alleviate the concerns of some very vocal customers who rely heavily on the network for the business and leisure, but it is a gesture of goodwill from the company that has no legal obligation to do so.

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