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Is There Still A Place For Desktop PCs?

Desktop PC

Once upon a time, in about 2004 to be more precise, the desktop PC was still the dominant way in which people used computers. Yes there were laptop aplenty, but they were expensive for what they offered, and most people still used desktops at home and at work. But as time has progressed, we have seen laptops become very affordable for a reasonable spec, and now with more and more people getting connected through their smartphones or tablets – you have to ask: Is there still a place for desktop PCs?

If all you are doing is surfing the web, checking emails and social networks, and watching the odd film whilst on the train then I would argue that a tablet may be your best “computer” option. It is small, light, easy to hold in one hand, and it works great as a “second screen” either to watching the TV or even chatting with friends and family.

For the vast majority of work tasks a tablet really is not up to the job no matter what Apple may try and claim. To be productive in this digital world you need a keyboard, but do you need a desktop? You do get more bang for your buck from a desktop in terms of component parts, but that isn’t enough. Yes, an ergonomic keyboard, a good mouse, and a big screen (or three) can be great for productivity, but why not buy these peripherals and a docking station for your laptop. It can be the best of both worlds – the portability of a laptop, but the full productivity of a desktop when you need the extras – in your office.

Where you do still need the extra power and expandability of a desktop, however, is with gaming or working with high quality multimedia. Moore’s law may have seen computing power double every 18 months, but desktops still outperform their laptop counterparts for the money, and whether you want the best gameplay or the quickest rendering of a 1080p video, or more tracks and FX layers in that song – a desktop PC may still be the best choice for you.

[Photograph courtesy of YuMaMaNuMa]

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