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App of the week: The Descrier

Descrier Apps

We’ve spoken about The Descrier before on these pages, and how the little London-based start-up is attempting to bring together the best of the independent web, on-the-ground reporting, and primary source reporters, and give that content the respect it deserves alongside the well respected newspapers and magazines of this world. And yes we are slightly biased because TechFruit is one of the digital news magazine’s technology sources, but we’re part of it because we believe in it.

Over the last couple of months, The Descrier has launched a number of improvements and new features alongside a rapidly growing wealth of wonderful sources. Recently, they launched Descrier Dailies for each section, which is the auto-aggregated version of the hand-picked site – so users can rely on two different ways of highlighting the top articles from within the site. They have been slowly rolling these Dailies out for each section, but so far you can see the Science Daily, Music Daily, Film Daily, and Food Daily.

The most important updates in recent weeks, however, have been the launching of apps for all the major mobile platforms – iOS (dedicated versions of iPhone and iPad), Android, and even Windows Phone. With the apps you can keep up-to-date with the latest content, and even save articles for offline viewing. This is the best of the independent web and all wrapped up inside one app that you can read on the tube for free and without ads. You need this.

Available on: iOS (iPhone/iPad) / Android / Windows Phone
Cost: FREE
Developer: Descrier

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