Nokia Here Maps

Nokia to Release Free Maps App for iOS

Nokia Here Maps

Apple’s iOS 6 maps debacle has been widely reported, with many with iPhones waiting eagerly for the time when Google decides to release an iOS app for Google Maps in order to actually be able to find the place they are looking for. But Nokia might just be able to swoop in and steal some of that mobile mapping market share, as the company is soon to release its own maps app for iOS.

Google Maps has been in development since 2004, and along with Google Search, it has become the defacto mapping application for people on the web as well as using iPhones and Android phones, with constantly improving features such as street view. Apple has attempted to compete with Google after only a year or so of development, and that simply was not sufficient time to build a competitive service. Nokia, on the other hand, has been developing Nokia Maps since 2006, and it to has been constantly improving its offering adding public transport directions for a number of cities and soon to be adding their own version of “streetview”.

Nokia’s maps app for iOS has already been submitted to the App Store, so they are just waiting on Apple’s approval, and it should give iOS users a chance to actually find the location they are looking for whether that is a local shop or a nearby thai restaurant.

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