BlackBerry BB10

BlackBerry Z10 Running BB10 Outed in Comparison Video vs iPhone 5

BlackBerry BB10

BlackBerry’s BB10 operating system is essentially RIM’s last roll of the dice after dominating the business mobile phone sector for the best part of a decade. Now that the iPhone, Android, and Windows 8 devices are at least as good as the BlackBerry offerings when it comes to business – it really has become do or die time for RIM which needs to reach out and appeal to the smartphone consumer not just business users.

BB10’s official unveiling is just around the corner, but how will its flagship device, the Z10, compare to other top of the range handsets available on the market? The Austrian tech site Telekom-Press has got the Z10 lined up against the iPhone 5 in a German video a little ahead of schedule so we can finally start to see how it compares.

The Z10 is certainly a beautifully designed phone, a sleek, subtle and business-like design which should appeal to a wide range of users. The phone itself is only just a little wider than the iPhone 5, making its screen 4.2″ to the iPhone’s 4″ and from the looks of the video runs very snappily indeed. In fact, the reviewer seems to be taken with the phone, and notes that it performs a number of functions better than the iPhone – from better voice recognition to more efficient app switching.

But even if the phone is as good as it looks and comes in at the very attractive price points rumoured – will it be enough to steal people away from iOS, Android, and Windows. How will the BlackBerry app store, recently renamed BlackBerry World (as it will also be selling music amongst other things) stack up? Only a few days until we can find out for ourselves.

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