Kindle Paperwhite case from Idealcases

Cases for your Gadgets?

Kindle Paperwhite case from Idealcases

It is always a difficult question as to whether you should buy a case for your new gadget – whether it’s a smartphone, iPad, or Kindle. You have just spent a fair whack on the device and protecting it from dents, scratches, and a cracked screen is important, but then you are adding some bulk and weight to a device that is so slim and beautiful.

I tend not to have a case for my phone to keep the size down but am very, very careful not to put my keys in the same pocket to avoid the inevitable scratches when the two meet in such a confined space. But for tablets and e-readers I take a different tack.

The Kindle Paperwhite, that I spend far to much of my free time reading, is a very light device, but with its plastic shell it never seems to most sturdy of devices and so I decided to pick up a case from Idealcases to protect it from knocks and bumps when I’m sitting on the tube. The price was right at just under £30 delivered, and being able to design the case myself I thought that adding the logo of our startup The Descrier on the front would be a useful bit of extra exposure to all the people on public transport that are trying to work out what you’re reading.

I could have added a photo or other personalisations, but for me just the bold blue logo on the faux leather white background for the case of an e-reader might just pick us up a few extra curious readers and that is never a bad thing!

The process of adding a photo or image to the design was a breeze, and you can add a little text if desired as well with a similar platform to those offered by companies like CafePress or SpreadShirt. What I have to say did impress me was that it arrived within 48 hours of ordering with that custom design and now my little e-reader has somewhere safe to live. Perfect.

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