2013 Smartphones

Five Fantastic Advances in Smartphone Technology

2013 Smartphones

Just when you thought that smartphones couldn’t get any smarter, there are a great range of features in the pipeline from various different companies to make that perky little phone in your pocket a whole lot more interesting. Here are some of the innovations on the way to revolutionise the smartphone:

1. Flexible Screens

This is one of those inventions that seems so obvious in its simplicity but has proved to be pretty difficult to implement. Dropping a phone onto a hard surface is a common occurrence for many people and is a regular reason for phones to be replaced or sent to be repaired. This particular problem could become a thing of the past with the introduction of a flexible smartphone from manufacturers such as Samsung who displayed their latest prototype at the CES 2013 trade show in January. The uniquely thin and flexible plastic screen means that it is effectively unbreakable with OLED technology on the beautifully smooth bendy surface. Definitely one to watch in the future for more durable devices.

2. Waterproof Phone

Huge developments are being made to provide waterproofing protection to devices to make sure that any accident involving your smartphone and large quantities of water will not put your phone out of action. A great idea and it looks like this thin waterproof coating could become a reality this year so a bathroom trip with your phone doesn’t have to end in disaster.

3. Double Screens

An innovative and inventive idea; a smartphone with two screens that fits perfectly into your pocket but can be unclipped to reveal a double screen is the latest creation from NEC Casio. The smartphone can be easily utilised as a normal size phone but with some nifty software the two screens can be used in conjunction to give the effect of a cool android tablet or simply as two independent screens side by side for different purposes. Think of it as a foldable tablet PC that is easy to carry around with the ability to multi-task. Genius

4. 1080p Display

It’s on the way and companies such as LG are leading the way in providing handsets with amazing resolution while still keeping the screens as small as possible. Soon it is hoped that companies will sell mobile phone handsets with HD resolution screens and this will allow fantastic quality on many handsets so it might be time to upgrade your phone.

5. Phone to TV Application

Sometimes, watching media on your trusty smartphone is just not enough and you want to view videos on a bigger screen without investing in a projector. There are a few units on the market such as Apple AirPlay and Apple TV and there are more innovations on the way in the form of Wi-Fi Display to allow access to your media on the big screen at last.

These are just a few of the technological advancements for smartphones that are on the horizon and the future is looking bright for the once simple telephone.

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