Lenovo THinkpad

Bootstrapped Startup? Use Refurbished Laptops

Lenovo THinkpad

If you’d believe the hype surrounding digital startups then you’d think that the sector was awash with money and every startup founder and employee would be using the latest MacBook Pros. Sadly this just isn’t the case. Outside of Silicon Valley, early-stage VC money is much harder to come by, and startups are scrimping and saving on everything they can.

MacBook Pros are certainly beautiful pieces of kit, but in all reality you are paying a huge premium for the brand and unless you are a creative industry startup you may well not need such powerful graphics cards and other such internals when you’re looking to find one now. Writing code does not require the latest Intel Core i7 CPUs or graphics cards with 1GB of video memory. As such, in the early days if someone needs a replacement laptop, then it may be useful to look into refurbished models.

Once you launch and money starts to come in then upgrading to more recent models or MacBook Pros may be welcome, but to get to that point you can pick up a sturdy workhorse like a Lenovo ThinkPad with a Core 2 Duo CPU for just £60 from places like SCH Trade’s laptops range, with plenty of other competitors around to choose from, leaving you with £1000 to spend on other things.

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