Do You Spend Too Much Time Online?


You spend your evenings trawling through blogs and you can’t resist catching a sneaky peek at Facebook when the office is quiet. But do you surf more than the rest of your peers? We crunch the numbers and discover who’s doing what online.

Children Not Too Young to Get Online

Even our tiny tots are enjoying time online, with more than 60 per cent of kids under three streaming videos. Twenty-three per cent of parents regard their children five and under as internet users, and around 80 per cent of these kids log on at least once a week.

It seems the new generation are master multi-taskers, with approximately 36 per cent of kids from two to 11 surfing the web while they watch television. Eight to ten year olds are also spending much of their leisure time looking at screens. Children in this age group typically use these media forms for 5.5 hours a day.

College Kids Stay Wired

It seems today’s college kids can barely cope when they’re away from technology. Seventy-three per cent of students say they can’t study without technology, and 38 per cent swear they can’t go 10 minutes without checking their email, smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Their favourite online activities include instant messaging, watching viral videos, and connecting with their friends on social networking sites. But it’s not all Instagram and Angry Birds. Ninety-one per cent are emailing their professors, and more than 12,000 are taking at least one class online.

Mothers Rule Online

When it comes to female internet users, moms are leading the way. Ninety per cent are regular web users, compared to 76 per cent of women in general. Stay-at-home moms are particularly active, with a quarter insisting they spend more time online than with their own children! Most spend an average of two and a quarter hours in the virtual world each day, and 79 per cent insist they spend more time browsing than completing household chores.

Some 4.3 million American moms are also blogging, but it’s not all about changing diapers and taming teens. Only 13 per cent of mommy bloggers write primarily about parenting and nine per cent mostly offer updates about their family. Instead some 32 per cent are more likely to offer insights into their mind and personality. Those personal musings are being heard by their peers too, with 18.3 million moms reading blogs at least once a month.

Seniors Get Connected

They might have been slow to adopt the technology, but now some 53 per cent of Americans aged 65 and older surf the internet or send email. While younger generations are sending fewer emails, it’s the most popular form of online communication for the elderly. Eighty-six per cent say they send emails, with 48 per cent sending at least one daily.

Around one third of elderly internet users have also discovered social networking. Eighteen per cent of seniors say they log on to Facebook or similar sites most days.

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