Shadowgun Android game

Is Google Building an Android Games Console?

This year will see the release of the next generation games consoles from Sony and Microsoft with the PS4 and the Xbox One, but others may also be coming to the table. Ouya just released a $99 games console, Apple are thought to be developing something similar, and now Google is rumoured to be building an Android powered games device.

Shadowgun Android game

The strong support for the Android-powered Ouya console demonstrates that there is a market for such a console from Google, and if they offered something with the Nexus brand, more oomph than the Ouya, then the device could be a surprise success.and also an online television.

By building a console with Android, there are already a great number of games developed for the device and available at low prices as they have been developed for smartphones and tablets. Adding some multi-player abilities and offering more powerful hardware could mean traditional large games developers may start pouring more money to the Android ecosystem – making it better for all devices that use the Play Store.

Even more important for Google, is that such a device could be the company’s way in to the home market, Android could be the platform behind a device for people to watch TV and stream on-demand shows and movies. This has traditionally been a very difficult market for companies to enter as television manufacturers do not want to give control to the third party, and cable companies are even less keen on the idea. To make a play in this arena, you need to give consumers a reason to add your box to their TV – and cheap games available through Android may be just the right sweetener.

There is no doubt that Google wants to be the company powering your home network, and with an Android games console that also works as a media streamer and television portal, they could finally be offering the right product to get there.

Image courtesy of Android Police

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