Broken iPhone Screen

How to Repair a Broken iPhone Screen

Broken iPhone Screen

It only takes one mistake. One simple slip or perhaps a sweaty hand. When this happens, there is little recourse for your iPhone. The ground is hard and unfortunately the screen is made of glass. Once you have a shattered iPhone screen, you may feel completely lost. However, this does not mean that you have to eat the expense of purchasing a brand new phone. Your device may be salvageable. In this event, several options are available to you to fix your phone and get you reconnected with your favourite contacts, apps, and other services.

Official Apple Repair

The first option that many consumer look to is the Apple Store. This option does provide a large sense of comfort for those who have concerns during the process. This is primarily due to the nature of electronics warranties and manufacturer services. With these guarantees of completed service and functionality comes a hefty premium. Generally, having the Apple Store fix your phone will be one of the most expensive solutions to this dilemma. For those wishing to ensure the continuation of their warranty, this may be the only option open to them. If you do not fall into this category and still choose to go the route of having the manufacturer fix your iPhone screen, you may be missing out on potential savings for the same service.

Other Retailers

Many third party outlets offer the same iPhone glass repair as the official Apple Store for a discounted price. While this service may affect your warranty, it may also be the best option for those on a budget. Often, these retailers will have the parts necessary to fix your phone on site in a short amount of time. In some cases, these stores may offer a guarantee on service and insurance against damages occurring during the restoration process. This can help ease your mind if you feel apprehensive about forgoing the manufacturer repair route. However, for those who are still under warranty, this option has the potential to void your warranty.

Doing It Yourself (DIY)

For the intrepid individual, the option to fix the screen yourself always remains. Many videos online will offer step by step guides and basic instructions for those who wish to attempt a repair at home. Additionally, some text guides also cover similar information. Another common theme between these two repair methods is that you will need to order the replacement glass from a wholesaler. In some cases, you may be able to purchase the glass as part of a repair kit. Often, these kits will contain specialized instructions and tips for the resourceful individual.

Although this method may be the most cost effective, provided you are willing to do the repair yourself, it can also come with the greatest risk. First, there are no guarantees or insurance for problems or further damages that occur during the repair process. If you do more harm to your phone during the attempted restoration, it will fall entirely on your shoulders. Additionally, engaging in home repairs will most likely void your warranty, should you still be within the bounds of such an agreement.

Photograph: Patrick Hoesly

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