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There’s No Excuse for a Business Not Having a Website

Internet ExplorerThe web is the way people find out about services and products from restaurants or driving instructors, so you would think that having a website was a given. A website gives the owner of a business a place where they have full control so they can add details about their company, about their products, or just blog about their industry.

I didn’t think that I would need to write a post about this, but I have heard calls from various quarters recently that “a Facebook page is all you need” and “a website is a waste of money”, so I thought it was about time to argue why those people are wrong.

You have have full control over the content on your pages, and you are not at the whim of another company with different priorities (like Facebook) as to what you should show on the frontpage, or what information you should be able to collect on your customers. You don;t want to be limited as to how your interact with your customers, and you certainly don’t want Facebook essentially having ownership of your content as you cannot export it and take it with you.

It’s also cheap and easy to create a website. Various web hosts offer a website builder to get a basic website up and running with a few clicks and that can offer you far more information than you can get on a Facebook page, and can give you somewhere to have a link to on your business cards, posters, or just from your company’s profile on Google Local. Obviously with a little more money you could also get a web designer to create something truly bespoke and beautiful to further your brand as well.

Whether your company wants or needs social profiles is a different question, and each company is different, but every company needs a website.

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