Pinch to zoom on the iPad

Ouch! People in Argentina Pay $1000+ for a 16GB iPad, Whilst Those in Malaysia Pay Under $500

Pinch to zoom on the iPad

People in Malaysia pay under half the amount of those in Argentina when buying an iPad according to a new report by CommSec, a unit of Australia’s Commonwealth Bank.

For a popular electronic item where Apple has such an influence in setting its price, one would not expect to see such variations, but CommSec use its index of prices for Apple gadgets as a way of determining whether currencies are being valued appropriately across the globe.

A basic 16GB WiFi-only iPad with Retina display costs just $473.77 (USD) in Malaysia, whilst those looking to pick up the device in Argentina would be paying $1,094.11. Argentina is notably the most expensive place to buy, with Brazil coming in second with a cost of $791.40.

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