Alcatel 1010 at ASDA

Asda Launches UK’s cheapest PAYG mobile phone at £5

Alcatel 1010 at ASDA

Asda has launched a pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Alcatel mobile phone on T-Mobile for just £5, which it claims is the cheapest mobile on sale in the UK.

The phone is a basic Alcatel 1010, and whilst buyers of the device won’t be watching YouTube or surfing the web on the phone, it will do the basics of calls and texts absolutely fine.

By launching the deal in the weeks before Christmas, Asda are targeting members of the public that have been tightening their purse strings in recent years, with the continued decline in living standards in the UK since 2008. The phone could be the ideal first phone for a child or an elderly person looking for an emergencies-only device.

Whatever the target demographic it is obviously a popular purchase, with Asda Direct selling out of the device on its first day on sale.

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