Fibre optics

Technology and machines that have transformed our lives

Fibre optics

Whether it is man’s discovery and first use of fire or the creation of the space shuttle, technology has always played a vital role in the success of humankind. Some of these advancements produced immediate change, while others quietly paved the way for other significant breakthroughs down the road.

Today, technology has such a huge impact on almost every aspect of our lives that all you need is to look around to see how ‘wired’ we are. Over the last decade, technology has been changing and expanding at a rapid pace. Thanks to the invention of the Internet, we are suddenly able to perform a wide array of tasks including accessing various pieces of information, purchasing products and services, using it as an interactive revision resource and communicating with other users from all over the world in just a few clicks of a button.

Telephones have also gone a long way since their invention and early development in the 1800s. Modern smartphones are capable of so many functions, including computing, Internet browsing, taking high-quality photos among many other features. The dramatic pace at which technology has evolved might seem like it has already reached its limits, but the reality is that it continues to spread its proverbial wings.

It was only two decades ago that personal computers started to adopt more portable designs and affordable prices that enabled regular people and families to purchase at least one for their very own. Since those times, the world of technology has gone full throttle with no signs of slowing down. Upon closer analysis, we can see that virtually every modern device on the market today is somehow connected to computer technology.

In terms of communication, the combined power of modern computers and the Internet has provided multiple options for email, text messaging, and video-based chat. The business world has also revolutionized in the past years due to the advances in communication and information technology. File storage is a vital component of any type of business – computer and Internet technology has made any type of file secure and accessible to users anywhere.

Another significant piece of computer technology can be found in modern-day automobiles. Most of them are equipped with GPS and emergency call functionalities for the safety and convenience of both drivers and passengers. People no longer need to rely on traditional maps in order to determine the best routes and roads to take at any time of the day.

Military warfare is also benefiting from the latest technological advancements in the form of robots, which are being used to clean up nuclear energy facilities. Damaged nuclear reactors that emit radiation are extremely dangerous to humans, so robots are being sent to measure levels of radioactivity, clean up the mess, and provide live video feeds for experts to monitor.

The first personal computer was made by IBM in 1981, and contained an Intel 8088 microprocessor. Containing 16K of RAM, this pioneer computer was the size of a portable typewriter and cost less than $2,000. It looks like a clunky piece of computing equipment now, but it blazed the trail for all the high-tech computers of today. The PC brought computing ability to the desktop, and its influence definitely lives on and continues to improve various aspects of the human experience.

Photograph by Bill Burris

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