BBC Sport: World Cup

How to watch the World Cup on your phone

BBC Sport: World Cup

With the 2014 World Cup under way, billions of football fans across the world will be glued to their nearest television sets in order to catch every minute of the action. The blue touch paper was lit from the very first game of the tournament as Brazil met the expectations of an entire nation with victory over Croatia. Goals and end-to-end attacking football have remained prominent, with any concerns over the heat and humidity affecting the quality of each game being instantly eradicated.

Keeping tabs on the World Cup is a necessity for every fan who wishes to receive the latest news, scores and live action from their national team. Fans can enjoy regular coverage through live television and radio broadcasts, but there may be occasions when people find themselves away from both mediums. Going shopping, long commutes and socialising with friends are activities that may be necessary, but ultimately prevent football fans from enjoying the latest World Cup coverage. Fortunately for football fans, the 2014 World Cup is widely considered as the most ‘mobile’ tournament in history as mobile phone users can access numerous sites to enjoy the best coverage from the opening day to the Final in the infamous Maracana.


The long-standing UK broadcasting company have moved into the digital era through a vast online network that allows residents across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with an instant hub to their favourite television programmes. BBC have created a special World Cup section that allows users to watch online live coverage via their smartphone, Android or any other mobile phone device to ensure they do not miss a kick of the action.


As the other major broadcasting company who have shared the viewing rights during the World Cup with the BBC, ITV have also primed their mobile platform for extensive coverage that allows users to watch every game from their handset. The user-friendly mobile site ensures the considerable demand for coverage of the 2014 World Cup is met for everyone to watch the drama, excitement and tension unfold throughout the tournament wherever they are.


Being able to access a live stream for every game of the World Cup on your smartphone illustrates the technological advancements that make it possible for football fans to catch every minute wherever they are. Watch ESPN provides fans living across the USA with a stable mobile site that provides live footage throughout the World Cup, with America fans hoping that their country will play with pride in an extremely tough group alongside Germany, Portugal and Ghana.

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