Netflix offers ‘dream job’ of being paid to watch TV and movies

Most of us see curling up in front of the TV as a great way to relax and get a little bit of downtime on a day off, but for some people this is an actual job, but Netflix is offering just that as a real, paid job.

The streaming pioneer is currently advertising for a a new role for one lucky applicant from the UK or Ireland where they will pay you to sit in front of the TV and watch the latest television shows and movies taht are being added to the service.

Admittedly you don’t just passively watch, but also add tags about genre, themes, and other relevant information about the episode or film as a “Tagger”, but as jobs go it is still one of the laziest around!

Betsy Sund, Senior Global Communications Manager at Netflix, said:

“We are excited to hear from the UK and Ireland’s most passionate TV and film fans and offer one lucky person the fantastic job opportunity of becoming a Netflix Tagger.

“We try hard to make Netflix locally relevant to our members, in every way – including our genres, descriptions and the way we present our content – so in addition to watching all of our fantastic programming, our UK or Irish tagger will serve as a “cultural consultant” to help ensure that our algorithms continue to produce highly personalized suggestions to all of our over 48 million members.”

Netflix are looking for someone with expertise in TV and film, organisational skills, a tenacity to follow through and follow up on projects with experience in content management systems.

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