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Five interesting new Android apps for 2014

Smart phones have opened up a whole world of possibilities. Long gone are the days when mobiles were simply used to make calls and send a few texts, these days you can do practically everything on your trusty mobile; from playing games to online shopping, whatever you need there’s likely an app that can help. Below you’ll discover just 5 of the best Android apps created by top mobile app developers.


Social media has taken over the world in the last decade. However, one thing it lacks is privacy. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are great for getting your every thought out there, but what if you prefer to do it anonymously? Well there’s an app taking the Android world by storm known as ‘Secret’. Not only can you write your own inner most thoughts and post them secretly, but you can also see what others around you are feeling too.


One of the most used features on any smart phone is the lock screen. It’s something you likely don’t give much thought to, yet you use it all the time. As posted on BGR, Start is one app that will help you to rediscover the potential of your lock screen. Giving you the ability to customise the screen with links to your most used apps. You could see the latest tweets or Facebook feed for example. You can also upload your own image for the lock screen. It has a lot of potential and great useful features.


If you’re a ‘selfie’ addict and you love capturing life’s little moments on your phone, Carousel is a great app to download. Working alongside DropBox, this app lets you store all of your photos on the Cloud, rather than on your mobile. This way you don’t have to worry about the space in your phone and it even organises your photos for you and makes it easy to share events with your friends and loved ones.

MySupermarket Shopping List

If you’re looking to save money, this app is definitely for you. As recommended by, this app tells you which supermarkets will give you the best value for money. We don’t all have time to traipse around one supermarket after another to find the cheapest prices. Simply type your shopping list into the app and it will tell you which supermarket is the cheapest.


Whatsapp has been around for quite some time now, but it’s still worth a mention. If you’re looking to save money on messaging this is the perfect app for you. Not only does it allow you to send free instant messages,it also lets you send pictures for free too.

There are so many great Android apps out there and the above are just 5 of the best. The majority of them are also completely free to download. Whatsapp is free for the first year, then you pay just 69p a year to keep using it.

No matter what you want help with, there’s an Android app out there that will fit your needs.

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Photograph by JD Hancock

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