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Competition: Win £100 iTunes or Google Play voucher

Google Play / Apple iTunes

We’ve teamed up with the fine folks from Three Mobile to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a £100 voucher to spend at either the iTunes or Google Play.

The app stores for iOS and Android are what really makes the mobile phones from those two operating systems stand apart from the competition – and £100 should be plenty to buy all the games and apps you need along with a few tunes and movies on top.

All you need to do to enter is like us on Facebook, follow @TechFruit on Twitter and leave a comment below with your top tips to keep your phone safe at festivals and events. Bonus entries for tweeting your tips along with the hashtag #TechFruitTips and a link to this page.

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The competition will run for two weeks from today (ending on 16th September) and is open to UK residents only.

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  1. Tracy K Nixon

    Keep your phone in an inside pocket, add a pin to lock it or leave it at home!

  2. Download ‘FindMyPhone’ app in the event it goes missing.

  3. Colin Love

    dont take one!

  4. Claire Eadie

    Keep it in your sock :)

  5. mary heald

    Leave it at home

  6. Tracey Peach

    Keep it in your Bra!

  7. D J F reeman

    I have a phone sock which goes around me neck and is long enough to go in my pocket

  8. David Walker

    Leave it at home

  9. Rosalind Sargent

    Don’t take one

  10. Sue Hodges

    take a cheapy phone – they tend to be more robust and no one else will want it, so if lost is more likely to be handed in! and keep it in a zipped pocket

  11. Martha Mead

    OMG! I’d be too scared to take it… wouldn’t enjoy myself. I’d pretty much put my sim in something very cheap and leave main at home.

  12. Victoria_CosmeticCravings

    I don’t bother taking one – have lost one plenty of times before and can’t face it again!

  13. Richard Mortimer

    Leave at home.

  14. anthony harrington

    don’t take your beloved usual phone with you, take a cheapo one with a PAYG sim card for emergencies, leave your good phone at home.

  15. Maddalena Spadone Dalton

    buy a second cheap phone

  16. laura banks

    take a cheap phone with you

  17. Ali Thorpe

    Buy a cheap PAYG. It’s not worth worrying about where your iPhone is when you’re at a festival.

  18. jane templeman

    Keep in your pocket when not using it.

  19. Put it in a zip up pocket

  20. Mummy To The Max

    Get a bum bag and put it safely in a zipped pocket inside. Also back it up and put any find my location software on it :)

  21. Stephanie Coals

    Take an old one or buy a really cheap one that doesnt matter if you lose it/it gets stolen.Saves all the worry that way

  22. emma louise gough

    keep it in your knickers!

  23. andrea stiff

    Don’t take it :/

  24. kim neville

    Get a cheap payg phone and put in a safe zip pocket

  25. Mandy Carter

    Put it in your bra

  26. christineshelley

    Buy a lanyard and have it rouund your neck and the phone attached sat in an inside pocket

  27. Gemma Haughton

    Leave your phone and home and instead take a cheap pay as you go phone for emergency calls :)

  28. Helen Battle

    leave it at home and use your mates!

  29. Paul Wilson

    I always keep it in the same pocket and have a habit of tapping it every now and then.

  30. lovely

  31. Amelia Kennedy

    Take a pay-as-you-go mobile with you, leaving your main one at home.

  32. Don’t take it with you!

  33. Leanne Lunn

    Buy a cheap one to take with you, keep your expensive phone at home.

  34. Take a cheap PAYG and keep it in an inside pocket inside a freezer bag – well it always rains, doesn’t it!

  35. margaret weir

    Leave it at home and take a cheap PAYG with you for emergencies

  36. zarahazler

    take a cheap phone obviously…and the battery lasts longer!

  37. Calum Macinnes

    Sellotape it to your leg ;)

  38. keep it in your internal pocket,,x

  39. Caroline Clarke

    Keep your phone in an inside jacket pocket.

  40. Sallyanne Gooch

    Hide it in your bra

  41. Tuck it into your well fitting bra

  42. don’t take an expensive one

  43. I tuck mine into my bra

  44. don’t take it

  45. Laura Jayne Bates

    keep it in your sock

  46. leave it at home

  47. elizabeth doody

    In your pants!


    I think leave it at home is the most popular here, other than that buy a cheap pay as you go one and take it instead of your expensive Iphone etc

  49. laura stewart

    leave at home and take a cheap one :)

  50. vicki hennie

    put your sim card in an old phone incase you loose it, or wear it on a phone chain

  51. Michelle Banks

    keep it in your bra! lol

  52. salsquiggle

    Leave it at home!

  53. Simon Grundy

    Take an old cheap handset

  54. Karen Cowley

    Take your old phone with you, leave your decent one at home, if you have to take it , keep it in your pocket till you need it , don’t go waving it around x

  55. Justine Hughes

    Either buy a cheap phone and take that, or keep it in front jeans or inside jacket pocket. Make sure it has a phone lock and sim lock.

  56. Theresa Louise Cooke

    I use a bum bag ! Can get some good ones. Cab lock it too.

    Then at night I keep it at the bottom of my sleeping bag when I’m in it.

  57. Julie Savage

    Keep it in your bumbag

  58. Keep it in your pocket!

  59. Claire Simpson

    In a pocket with a zip

  60. David Vessey

    Zip pockets are a must!

  61. Maz Thorburn

    I would take a cheap one with me and leave mines safe at home :)

  62. Tracy Hanley

    put it in a inside poket zipped up

  63. sarah brooker

    in a pocket with a zip

  64. Laura Pritchard

    Wrap it in bubble wrap & keep it in a bum bag!

  65. Id say an inside pocket or get a cheap one to use there & keep our expensive one at home :)

  66. angiehoggett

    take a cheap pay and go mobile or failing that use somebody elses!!

  67. Sandra Lane

    Always wear a jacket with inside pockets that have zips.

  68. Take a cheap old one and keep it in your inside pocket with zip

  69. Janice Dunn

    Leave the phone at home and enjoy the freedom :)

  70. Keep my phone with me at all times

  71. Julia Linsley

    We have a £9 Tesco festival phone but put it in our knickers !!

  72. Keep it home or if you need to be contacted buy a cheap old handset.

  73. Bridget Heather

    Take an old one with you and store it down your bra!

  74. Angie McDonald

    Leave your smartphone at home and buy a £10 nokia with a top up

  75. George Spedding

    Buy a cheap one from a second hand shop with a pay as you go sim

  76. greig spencer


  77. Andrew Bailey

    Get a 100% waterproof/shockproof case for the phone and keep it with you at all times – Entered, liked, & shared – Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize and be in a wonderful competition – Thanks again :)

  78. Matthew Mayled

    Wear jeans with tight pockets, much less likely to fall out, works for me at gigs

  79. Michelle Holmes

    for the ladies in your bra :) and men in your sock xx

  80. ladies, you’ll agrees but down your bra is the best place for a phone not to get lost!

  81. sarah gray

    in your bra. safest place.

  82. juliebooth

    keep it in your bra or in a long sock

  83. Christopher Packer

    Tucked in my underpants

  84. Ben Audsley

    buy a cheap pay as you go for the weekend – if you loose it, it doesnt matter

  85. Keith Hunt

    I just get a £10 phone that comes with free credit and then send it off for tesco points.

  86. I keep my phone in my bra

  87. Kayleigh Richardson

    Buy a cheap £10 phone, shove a pay as you go inside top up a minimum amount. If you loose it most you’ve lost is about £20 if you don’t loose it, use it again :)

  88. Hazel Hulson

    A cheap phone or old one you wont mine if it’s lost so much

  89. Jackie Osborne

    Keep it in a bum bag

  90. Keith Wallbanks

    Make sure you wear something with a tightly zipped pocket and keep the phone zipped away

  91. I keep it in a bumbag! xx

  92. Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid

    i keep it in my bra for safe keeping

  93. Rebecca Morgan

    I use an old phone that I have, and keep it in my bra!

  94. Phil Holland

    I make sure I have the Find My iphone app enabled

  95. Don’t drink :P

  96. Buy an old Nokia!

  97. debbie1957uk

    Buy a basic cheap one and keep in a zipped pocket

  98. kathycakebread

    take a cheap phone with you

  99. Wendy Tyler

    Hmmm, don’t drink too much? I am afraid that I talk from experience here.

  100. Buy a cheap phone and keep smart phone at home

  101. Neil Firth

    Take an old phone and leave your main phone at home

  102. Kim Styles

    keep it in an ‘Anti theft cross body bag’

  103. Keep it out of sight and in pocket, when sleeping g keep at bottom of sleeping bag

  104. christine szlobodnik

    Keep it in a purse & have the purse attached to a bracelet strap so it stays attached to your wrist.

  105. dorothy cavender

    keep it inside pocket of your jacket

  106. Badger McG

    I keep it in my bra :)

  107. Stacy McBryde

    I keep my phone in my wellies ! never lost one yet :)

  108. Keep it in a zipped up pocket of a jacket… & don’t lose the jacket.

  109. Don’t take your good one. Take an old one, and just top it up with a pay as you go voucher.

  110. thomascomp

    take a payg cheapie

  111. Be discreet & don’t flash your phone around as it only draws attention to it. And password protect it so if it does get stolen, your personal data can’t be so easily accessed.

  112. Stephanie Whitehouse,

    wear a zip up over the body bag for valuables like your phone

  113. Ruth Harwood

    never leave your phone in sight and always keep it zipped up in your bag in front of you not behind x

  114. angela sandhu

    Keep it zipped up and not in sight. Ideally take a cheap handset with you rather than your main phone. If it does go missing it wont hurt as much.

  115. AgentAllan

    Take a throw away and a PAYG sim

  116. sharon johnson

    dont take one if its not needed x

  117. Cath Parkin

    always use a protective case

  118. Sandra martin

    Take a across shoulder bag and keep it with you at all times and don’t drink too much, keep your wits about you!,

  119. Victoria Easton

    Keep it in a pocket close to your body so it doesn’t get taken in the first place. If it does use the ap so you can either find it or get the police to find it!

  120. Louise Asekokhai

    Use a bum bag zipped up to keep it safe and sound and wear something over the top like a baggy jumper or tie a jumper around your waist so no one even knows you have a bum bag.

  121. put it in your sock

  122. Christine Caple

    Make sure you keep it in a zipped pocket or bag

  123. Tom Baines

    safely ziiped up in a pocket and pin code up stops somebody using it if lost or stolen

  124. Danielle.a

    Make a secret pocket in your jacket and no-one will know it’s there :-)

  125. Sam Williams

    Just keep it in a pocket that can be zipped/buttoned closed

  126. Sarah Hughes

    Keep it in a secret pocket

  127. Ensure security apps are installed on the phone so that it can be found using GPS or alerts with a thiefs picture. If you’re a woman buy a clutch bag instead of a shoulder bag so no one can take your phone without you realising. If you’re a man keep it in a zipped pocket.

  128. ✰★ღ Kayleigh ✰★ღ

    Take an old baby wipes cylinder tube or an empty sunscreen bottle – pop the phone inside and hey presto! nobody would dream of stealing a bottle of sun cream or baby wipes! But ALWAYS make sure you have a suitable security measure in place so that when you do try to use the phone – you have to pop a password in – just in case ;)

  129. Julia Dorma

    Hide it in a bag inside your rectum. :)

  130. PamGregory

    Keep in a zipped pocket

  131. Helen Booth

    Make sure your phone is locked, and in a zipped up pocket! Or don’t take it!!!

  132. Rebecca Nisbet

    i always make sure i take a bag that has a zip abd someway of tieing it up, and make sure its a over the shoulder bag so it can rest at the front of you :)

  133. Keep it out of sight use it in you’re own time when nobody is around.

  134. Keep it in a zipped pocket

  135. Angie Poulding

    Keep phone in your zipped pocket

  136. keep it in a bag attached to your waist

  137. bumbags are great for keeping phones, cash and keys safe

  138. Have a cheap sim and PAYG phone for taking to such events.

  139. Louise Smith

    Don’t take it with you

  140. Mark Chamberlin

    Put it down ya bra or pants!

  141. anneka hulse

    keep your phone in a cross body bag with the zip on the inside of you

  142. Michael Rattray

    Take an old phone with you

  143. Lockers

  144. Stephanie Lear

    Give it to the sober friend in the party to look after

  145. soneailiami

    Keep in a zipped pocket

  146. Rachel Marr

    Keep it watertight in a food sealy bag!

  147. I keep in my trousers with zipped pockets.

  148. Don’t let anyone else see it and keep it on you at all times. A zip is always best!

  149. wear a lightweight waterproof zipped pocket jacket

  150. Mellissa Williams

    I would put it in a plastic bag like the type you get for flying. That would keep it waterproof and then put it in an inside pocket of a coat to keep it safe

  151. Nikki Hayes

    Keep in a zipped pocket at all times – although truthfully I would leave my phone at home when going to a festival, there was life before mobile phones you know ;o)

  152. Keep it in a zipped inside pocket at all times,

  153. Claire Sutherland

    Don’t take it with you!

  154. Times2style

    Keep it zipped in a bum bag at the front of you so you are aware at all times! Taking an old spare phone is also a better option that taking a brand new Iphone ;-)

  155. Jo-Anne Holton

    Take a cheap ten pound one with you!!!

  156. Kirsty Woods

    Keep it in your pants ;)

  157. Laura Asplin

    Get a good jacket with an inside pocket, much harder for someone to find

  158. Keep good phone at home and take a cheap one with you, sure can cope for couple days without it :)

  159. Janet Thornton

    Take your dads phone.No ones going to nick that.

  160. buy a cheapo phone and leave your normal one at home, nowhere is safe at a festival!

  161. Charlotte Hood

    Ladies – keep your phone in your bra! Then you always know it’s there!

  162. Susan Freeman

    leave it at home – you can manage a couple of days without one, but if you absolutely have to have one buy a cheap payg one which doesn;t matter if you lose it

  163. Definitely take a cheap phone

  164. Cheryl Pearson

    I put it in my bra! As crazy as it sounds, it is def a safe place

  165. Rebecca Jane Roberts

    keep it in a pocket like in a pair of shorts with a button

  166. Jamie Brown

    Take a cheap one and keep it on an inside pocket.

  167. Robert Price

    Keep it inside your pants

  168. Deborah Hambleton

    Either pop it in your bra or tuck it down your socks

  169. samanthapsharpe

    Never leave it in the tent and always keep it on you in a safe place such as inside the zipped compartment of your bag. You could also keep it inside a waterproof case for the inevitable drink spillages!


    I keep mine in my pants. That’s a safe place.

  171. Joanne Claire

    Take a cheap one and keep it in you sock!

  172. Amanda Sandercock

    take a cheap phone and keep on you at all times

  173. mandy smith

    make sure its in a zipped pocket for sure

  174. Tony Weston

    Buy a cheap second hand phone on PAYG

  175. Graham Ross

    Take a cheap mobile with you

  176. Frances Heaton

    Wear a bum bag round your waist and place phone inside. Password protect your phone just in case.

  177. Nicola Stephenson

    If you’re a girl – in your bra

  178. Julie Perry

    Keep it in an across body bag and keep Bag on the front of your body. Make sure it has a zip closure

  179. Karen Painter

    Keep it on you at all times in a zipped or buttoned pocket

  180. Tressa Lapham-Green

    Keep it zipped in your bag or pocket all the time & protect with a password

  181. Kirsty Thompson

    use a bumbag and wear it under your clothes so its hidden from view, too many dishonest people in the world today, tho saying that there is also a lot of good hard working people too.

  182. Keep it in something zipped and waterproof.

  183. Sarah Jeffreys

    Only use your phone when you NEED to. Dobt flag it around for possible pick pockets to see.

  184. Katie Walker

    Get a piece of cord and wear it round your neck

  185. stacey caine

    keep it in a secure phone case, or waterproof bag, and in a zipped up pocket :-)

  186. james wright

    if im walking the streets i have it in a wallet and on vibrate only

  187. Donna Large

    wear it round your neck

  188. susan walsh


  189. Vikki George

    Keep it in your bra

  190. Victoria Thurgood

    keep it in your inside pocket

  191. Wear it round your neck x

  192. Keshia Esgate

    button up pockets

  193. In a ziplock bag in a zipped up pocket.

  194. AdrianPrice

    front pocket of jeans/shorts ect is the safest place

  195. Keep it safe (zipped up), download an app that can help you track it if it gets lost and use a basic cheap phone to make your calls!

  196. Liz Ferguson

    Super-glue it to your hand

  197. Sara Goodman

    Wear a jacket with an inside pocket and put it in there :)

  198. Olivia Kirby

    Put it in a ziplok bag. To be honest I just leave mine at home and enjoy myself

  199. David Price

    I take a cheap 2nd second one -just for calls

  200. Wear a sweat top with zipped pockets

  201. Make sure you have it insured x

  202. take a cheap phone that holds your sim card – leave expensive phones at home

  203. Victoria Clare Middleton

    I keep it in my bra lol

  204. Have zip pockets

  205. Lauren McDonald

    Make sure you have a screen lock on the phone. Have it set to wipe everything or lock out your phone with a set number of incorrect passcode attempts!

  206. Keep your phone it in a zipped inside pocket for safekeeping.

  207. inside a sweater pocket under a zipped hoodie

  208. Glyn Williams

    keep it in a zipped pocket, or take a cheaper mobile with you :D

  209. Buy something that will keep it clipped to you

  210. emma walters

    inside zipped pocket

  211. Take a cheapo phone instead

  212. esther james

    Put it is a zip up pocket

  213. Colin Wright

    leave it at home and use a cheap one

  214. Rebecca Powell

    Take a cheap pay as you go phone instead

  215. use a zipped pocket and I wouldnt hold it up in a crowd to film or take pics. It would be easily snatched and you wouldnt have a clue who took it

  216. Leave it at home!

  217. Katie Walden

    Use a zipped pocket!

  218. Nicola Holland

    Use a bumbag with a strong zip

  219. Angela L Paull

    Either leave it behind or fix it to a lanyard round your neck :-)

  220. Sheri Darby

    Keep it in a pocket with a zip

  221. Jules Naybur

    I always stash mine in my bra, might sound a bit funny, put no one can pinch it without getting a slap!!

  222. Keep it around your neck on a lanyard, and quite simply don’t be stupid and flash it about constantly! Just like you wouldn’t do if you were walking down the road!

  223. If you have to take it, rather than a cheap spare, keep it in a zipped pocket and don’t flash it around.

  224. Jessica Newman

    keep it in a bag attached to u across the shoulder

  225. Nicky Warren

    Best tip I heard was to put your valuables inside a clean nappy but fold it up like it has been used. No one will ever touch that!!

  226. Ana Sobral Barker

    Never leave it anywhere and keep it in zipped up across-the-body bag or pocket

  227. Keep you phone in a button up breast pocket

  228. Keep it in a small bag under your clothes so it isn’t visible

  229. never leave it anywhere

  230. Don`t take it.

  231. Take a old phone.

  232. Sally Carter

    Buy a very cheap one and take that.

  233. Keep it out of sight.

  234. Adam Brundell

    Keep it in a zipped pocket, and make sure you can feel it there.

  235. Chris Fletcher

    Leave it at home! You can get decent dumb phones for a fiver

  236. Hayley Colburn

    use a zipped pocket and hands free kit x

  237. Leave it at home.

  238. Monika Suchonska

    zip up wallet or leave it at home

  239. suzie Heard

    Leave it at home and bring an old phone. If you really must take it i would keep it in a zip over shoulder bag where you can see it at all times

  240. don’t bring it!

  241. Laura Vitty

    Keep it in your jeans pocket, my jeans are so tight the phone isn’t going anywhere!

  242. Pamela Browett

    Put it in phone bag which goes over your head an one arm wear it under clothes

  243. wrap an elastic band around it and keep in front pocket

  244. alice lightning

    use a zipped front pocket if possible

  245. Sam Furniss

    Don’t leave it in your tent, don’t use it when you’re drunk and don’t let anyone borrow it.

  246. Andrew Sales

    Keep it in your front jeans pocket.

  247. Buy a cheap payg phone and take that one with you but make sure you have backed up your simcard before you use it in your payg phone

  248. Erica Price

    A pocket with a zip is best.

  249. Penelope Hannibal

    I’m not really the best person to ask this, but I would use a zipped belt with pockets (like a bum bag but flat) & wear my top over this :)

  250. Zipped up pocket inside jacket or in bum bag worn under clothes

  251. Karen Foster

    Don’t take your expensive phone with you, either borrow or buy a cheap payg phone and put no more than a few pounds of credit on. That way if it gets lost or stolen it’s no big deal.

  252. Kate Andrews

    Get a cheap phone and put your sim into it, you don’t get great internet or phone coverage at a festival anyway and your battery should last the whole time

  253. Skinny Jeans pocket. If I can’t get it out no one can

  254. Kristy Leanne Brown

    I hide mine in my bra – or leave it at home!

  255. stacey craig

    Leave your smartphone at home and take a cheap one that you won’t mind loosing, and cheap ones will hold battery for the whole festival.

  256. Julie Howarth

    A pocket with a zip is a must!

  257. Keep it safe in a zipped pocket!

  258. Geoff Hibbert

    Borrow someone else’s

  259. Ellie powell

    Get a cheap pay as you go then if it gets lost you wont mind, use a bum bag!

  260. Gemma Chantler

    If you can, take a cheap pay as you go phone. If not, put it in a zipped up, concealed pocket.

  261. Kitty Bywaters

    Always keep it with you, don’t leave it behind in your tent!

  262. Gareth Evans

    carry it in one of those bags they use for you to pick up your dog’s poo with
    nobody is going to nick that ;-D

  263. Jane Chadwick

    I put mine in a food bag to protect it from rain and moisture with a handful of rice

  264. John Foster

    I keep it around my neck all the time, attached to a lanyard.

  265. I have a belt holster for my phone it goes under the waste band of my shorts, safe and out of sight.

  266. LeeLee Doodygirl Mse Newsome

    Don’t take it

  267. ༺♥༻ Gaynor ༺♥༻

    always keep it in a zipped up pocket in your bag or inside pocket of your coats

  268. Bernadette Willis

    Always keep it out of sight, and best turned off, after all you don’t want it ringing in the midst of everything anyway

  269. Sarah Evans

    i always use a bag that goes across my body that sits at the front and keep it in the zipped section of that

  270. christine clarke

    Always keep it in a zipped pocket in your handbag or jacket

  271. Nadine Payne

    keep in front jeans pocket

  272. Christy Beckett

    I use a lanyard and attach my phone to it, perfect for keeping it close x

  273. George Worboys Wright

    Attach it to your bra!

  274. Allan Fullarton

    Always in a zipped pocket.

  275. Jeremy Rance

    Take your old handset, everybody has got one laying about somewhere

  276. Use an armband designed for joggers.

  277. Jacqueline Roberts

    Set up a pin or password and always have a waterproof case.

  278. Gemma Clark

    Keep it zipped away out of sight


    Keep it in my bra

  280. Tracey Baker

    Take an old tatty phone with a spare sim card in it if it gets lost or stolen want matter as long as your contactable in festival!!

  281. Amanda Botterill

    don’t take it with you!

  282. Jennifer Rhymer

    Keep it out of sight when not in use and in a waterproof case as it’s bound to rain!

  283. Stephen Little

    Keep it out of sight

  284. Duncan Campbell

    Take out insurance on your phone prior to the event – thefts can occur at any time and it’ll give you peace of mind. Phone tracking can also be used, so you can track individuals who’ve stolen your phone. If all else fails, take a back up phone, and / or a spare battery – our mobiles are an indispensable tool in communicating with the world at large!

  285. Try not to use it in front of others if possible and make sure it is stored safely inside a bag

  286. Megan Davies

    Always have iburied in your bag in a water proof bag. I use freezer bags so that if you get trapped in rain it will stay dry

  287. ♫ Alison M ♪

    Make sure it is in a waterproof bag and have a safe place to keep it that is not obvious

  288. Leave it in the house. It’s lush when nobody can contact you for a few days ;)

  289. in a plastic bag and strapped to your chest !!!

  290. Emma Harris

    Stick it in my bra

  291. Hannah Smith

    I would probably say if you want to keep it safe you shouldn’t take it with you.
    If you have to take it, make sure it’s in a waterproof (AND MUD PROOF) place. Try to keep it in a zipped pocket. Don’t leave it in the tent. Don’t lend it to anyone or put it down anywhere.

    Put probably best to leave it at home.

  292. I bring a cheap old one with me, no internet so the battery lasts longer. Also i have my trusty festival bumbag, i’ve been using the same one for the last 10 years, much more secure then a pocket x

  293. Take a basic phone with you to festivals, no-one will steal it and you can still be in touch with family and friends. You won’t need internet etc. at the Festival because you will be having such a good time!

  294. denise farminer

    take a cheap phone with you.if not keep it with you always in a zipped up plastic bag in case of drink or rain getting in a women its easy down the front of your bra, or wellies.

  295. Clare R Webb

    I take an old basic one. Make sure you have a waterproof bag to put it in and that can go around your neck.

  296. Sarah Bates

    I don’t take it.. After 4 times in a row I have learnt my lesson!

  297. Claire Thomson Little

    buy a cheap one for £5 to take instead of your normal one

  298. Alison Clark Clark

    Leave it at home is my best advice – if you cant do without one for the few days buy a cheapy one .

  299. don’t take it and enjoy being at the festival!!

  300. Leave it home!

  301. Kim Willing

    IF I were going to a festival I would take a very cheap payg phone just for emergencies. And you can keep it in a zip up waterproof sandwich bag in your pocket.

  302. Rosemary Sheehan

    Either a mousetrap for any thief who wants to pick my handbag or I just leave them at home

  303. worriedmum46

    Wear clothes with zip or button pockets, and bring hour oldest gear – then enjoy your time with no fear

  304. Paula Harvey

    Leave it at home – take an old pay as you go phone to keep in touch with friends instead!

  305. Kathryn Casbolt

    Buy a cheap PAYG :-)

  306. Leave it at home and Rock On

  307. Jane Middleton

    take an old one with you

  308. Danielle Vedmore

    Leave it at home – a friend is bound to take theirs!

  309. Sarah Lewis

    Buy a cheap PAYG or if you can’t bear to be parted make sure your phone is pin protected.

  310. Gillian Hutchison

    don’t bring it with you!

  311. Don’t take it, take an old one, put it in a plastic zipper bag to protect from mud

  312. keep it in your pocket out of sight

  313. Wendy Tolhurst

    Take an old “pay as you go” phone in a plastic sandwich bag and leave your smartphone at home – no matter how careful you intend to be, there are so many distractions, it is better not to run the risk.

  314. Lynsie Lynn

    I have written my name in UV ink, I also wrote the serial number down so if it did get stolen the police would be able to track it! I also put it in a waterproof bag, and make sure it’s out of sight in a pocket! :)

  315. Natalie Gillham

    I usually take a cheap phone in case I lose it, but if not I would keep it in a waterproof bag/case in a small zipped pocket in a cross your body bag to keep it safe, and sleep with it on my person x

  316. Judith Luscombe

    Take an old phone and dont take the risk

  317. Katie Skeoch

    keep it in a zip freezer bag – the touchscreen still works through it and you won’t get it covered in mud! Oh and don’t lend it to anyone – if someone asks you the time make sure you look at your watch!

  318. Keep it in a zipped front pocket of your jacket. x

  319. Keep it in a zipped up pocket on you at all times.

  320. Shelley Jessup

    If possible get a clip & chain which are used on wallets they are also very handy on phones especially if you are dancing & your phone is sat in your pocket.

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