Apple Music vs Spotify

How does Apple Music compare to Spotify

Apple Music vs Spotify

Now that Apple Music has finally been unveiled as part of the iOS 8.4 update it gives us a much better chance to see just what all the fuss is about. For those that have been very comfortable using digital music service Spotify for the past few years Apple Music has been somewhat of an interesting development. Initially it was thought that Apple were simply riding the coat tails of the aforementioned music provider trying to lure away iOS users to use their cheaper and more convenient music streaming service. But now it’s on the market just who comes out on top when it comes to price, quality and of course the range of its available music catalogue.

New music recommendations

Both Apple and Spotify offer their users the ability to discover new music. Spotify runs its ‘Discover’ feature whilst Apple Music recommendations are dictated by their ‘For You’ facility. When you begin your Apple Music adventure you will be required to pick a few musical tastes that include artists as well as genres of music. Both services are intuitive enough that over time they will slowly being to fine tune exactly the types of music you most likely get a kick out of.

Subscription costs and quality

This is where it gets a little more complex. The pricing structure for these music streaming services does vary slightly both on actual monthly costs as well as on quality. Both charge a reasonable £9.99 per month for their paid-for and ad-free streaming services. Apple offers the first 3 months for free, however their service is limited to just 256kbps whilst its Spotify competitor offers their output at 320kbps on their premium service. But of course Apple runs Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) which is more or less the successor of MP3’s. Both Spotify and Apple Music do also offer a family discount deal which Apple certainly comes out on top off. Apple offers a Family Sharing option which let’s 6 different linked accounts all access the service whilst Spotify offer family members a 50% discount off their standard premium priced service.

How much music is there?

One of the most important factors is who actually offers the most music? Well once more it does appear to be a dead heat in the quantity stakes. Whilst Apple Music already has its massive iTunes Library to fall back on Spotify has spent a long time accumulating its catalogue and now both services offer just over 30 million different tracks. Apple may just tip the balance slightly due to its inclusion in their standard Music app allowing you to continue playing all your own songs, downloaded or ripped, right there alongside their impressive new music streaming service. And its potentially a great selling point for the likes of the Smart Phone Company and other mobile companies looking to push the latest iPhones and tablets on the market.

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