Why do web developers find HTML5 so useful?


Web developers are tasked with creating an ever expanding portfolio of apps. Often, they have used Flash when creating web apps in the past. This is often not an ideal solution as Flash is not compatible across all devices. At the end of the day, developers do not want to spend time and money developing an app that cannot be accessed by a significant number of people.

Developers using HTML5 do not have that problem as it is compatible across all devices. They do not miss out on attracting mobile device users, while still providing a good product for those people using a desktop. We are going to take a look at why HTML5 is so important when taking into account mobile device users and how it can help with social media management and the creation of online publications.

How mobile device users can benefit from HTML5

One of the biggest advantages that developers can gain from using HTML5 is to create a better experience for those people viewing apps using a mobile device. Whereas there were sometimes issues with the compatibility of Flash this does not happen with HTML5.

Currently much emphasis is placed on native apps, in the world of mobile device use. However, there is increasingly a suggestion that many native apps will eventually become more of a doorway into an HTML5 based web app. If this does start to happen then the experience will not seem different for mobile device users. They will see exactly what they have always seen but it will be getting delivered to their sight in a different, more effective, way.

Using HTML5 in social media management and publication creation

Many of the web apps created using HTML5 are designed to assist with the management of social media. This is a vital tool if you are running a business as social media is one of the best ways of interacting with people you want to engage with your brand. HTML5 is also useful when it comes to creating online publications. You can check out flipbook information based on HTML5. This gives you more information about the creation of flipbooks to be used as online publications. You may want to create an online magazine for people to read, helping to keep them engaged with your business.

You may also want to create a flipbook brochure containing enhanced details about your product or service. Flipbooks are an excellent way of providing additional information to people without cramming too much information into your website and making it difficult to navigate.

You can see that HTML5 is helping developers by creating a viable alternative to Flash; one that can be used across all devices. It’s also extremely important in the development of apps involved with the management of social media and in the creation of online publications. Both of these are vital if you are going to be successful in promoting yourself online end extending your customer base.

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