Infographic: Ten most expensive domain name purchases

For a company, having the domain right name is important and even with the release of dozens more TLDs – most people still think of .com when they think of a website.

For our various projects we’ve spent hours looking through the thesaurus and the WHOIS database to find just the right work or combination of words to reflect what we’re about. was rather an obvious choice with hardware companies’ penchant for fruit-based names (hello Apple, Blackberry, Orange, Raspberry Pi, and more), but we were lucky the .com was available back in 2007 – finding a free .com is 2016 is much, much harder – and finding a single dictionary word domain is impossible.

Many thought the price for premium domain names had reached its peak in the .com boom of 2000, but as you can see in the graphic below – companies are still willing to pay millions for the right .com domain.

Chinese companies looking to establish an international presence and offer a sense of security and familiarity are the big spenders of today with Qihoo 360 spending a whopping $17m (£13m) for last year.

However, US companies are still spending top dollar too with digital marketing company QuinStreet spending $35.6m for in 2010, having only just spent $16m on in 2009.

Infographic: Most expensive domain names

The Ten Most Expensive Domain Name Purchases – An infographic by the team at PAC Web Hosting
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