Omaker USB cables

Who needs a Lightning connector? This MicroUSB charging cable is reversible

Apple’s big claim about the need for it to have its own proprietary charging cable when every other manufacturer had agreed to use MicroUSB was that it was reversible, but it is possible to make a MicroUSB cable that doesn’t just work with one manufacturers products.

We’ve been reviewing a wide variety of batteries and chargers recently on these pages, and we all know the struggle of never being able to plug a USB cable in the right way first time – it is apparently an impossible feat. However, as we were publishing the reviews one cable manufacturer, Omaker (UK store/US store), sent us over one of their reversible cables to help us avoid the frustration.

The Omaker Reversible Micro USB Cable is a USB-A to MicroUSB USB 2.0 cable that can deliver transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps and supports a 2.4A charging current – much as you would expect. Its casing is also made of braided nylon, which gives the wire good strength along with the required flexibility.

However, it is the clever reversible nature of the cable that is what makes it work writing about – you can plug in both the USB-A into your laptop or wall charger and the MicroUSB connector into your smartphone any way round – it just works. This mean no more fiddling in the dark when you are tired and trying to put your phone on charge over night, and a lot of avoided frustration.


At the time of review, a double pack of 3ft reversible USB-A to MicroUSB cables were on sale for £8.49 on Amazon.

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