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How to save money when you upgrade your smartphone

No one would have predicted the amount of popularity smartphones would earn in only a few years after they hit the market. Only a decade since the launch of the iPhone, they have become a great part of everyday life. Today, even the least tech-conscious individuals cannot imagine what life would be like without their smartphones.

The most unique features of smartphone is probably the need for constant upgrading. The largest tech-savvy population is not happy with just owning a smartphone. They want the best in the market. This means that manufacturers have to keep churning out new products with better designs and more app capabilities.

Needless to say, smartphones don’t come cheap and upgrades come with higher prices. While no one would turn down a chance to own the newest device with the latest features, not everyone can afford it. Therefore, there are good enough reasons to learn a few tips on how to keep on the fast lane at a lower cost than you would have to meet.

Trade-in your Old Smartphone

You don’t have to throw away your old phone or leave it to waste away in the junk drawer. Irrespective of how low you think it has sunk in its value, there is always someone who would pay for it. You can then add some money to the one it will fetch to buy a new one. While it will save you some money, you get a chance to get rid of toxins that would not add any beauty or health to your environment.

Remember that there are numerous trade-in programs that are ready to offer you cash, a store credit, a gift card or a PayPal transfer. Some of the trade-in programs are present online while others are available at big-box retailers. They usually provide a quote of the value of the device you are proposing to sell them which will be based on the make and model as well as its condition. They will also send you a box with pre-paid return shipping in which you will be required to send your phone to them and you will receive the agreed payment within a certain period after its arrival back to them.

Buy a Refurbished Smartphone

When you trade-in your phone, its data will get wiped and its components checked and cleaned. Then it will be returned to the market, as good as new. The person who will buy a refurbished phone will get better product at a lower cost than the buyer who will go for a completely new device.

Keep in mind that smartphone manufacturers turn out upgrades every year. Therefore, a large number of people do not wait for their devices to get completely written off before they trade them in and get the latest models. You will often find it hard to draw such a big difference between a refurbished phone and a new one. However, you will easily make out the difference in prices.

As a word of caution when buying refurbished smartphones, watch out for legitimacy. If the price is too low for the phone on offer, it probably would be better to leave it. Scammers and thieves have a way of taking advantage of people who are looking for the best deal and the refurbished smartphone industry is no exception.

Final thoughts

There are always ways of getting a better deal when upgrading your smartphone. Moreover, there will be always a tech company willing to assist you all the way. For instance, you can buy a refurbished phone which has been unlocked and get pre-paid sim-cards that come together with unlimited talk, text and data from such a company as Broadband Choices. Thus, you will not only get the phone of your choice but also the services you desired at a much lower cost than you would have got by buying a new phone.

If you are convinced that buying a new smartphone is the best deal, you can still save money. Just know the best time to make your purchase. On certain periods, retailers pair their phones with accessories and gift cards. Additionally, manufacturers release their upgrades after a given period and it is wise to buy them immediately after the launch or not later than 6 months after they are released.

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