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Seven brand name generators to find inspiration for your business

When starting out with your business, one of the first things that you’ll be doing is deciding on a name – it’s what gives your business its identity. In today’s world, your business name is also your domain name. That domain name is also your brand name. Because of this unanimity, ensuring that the domain name you choose is important in deciding your business name.

More than one billion domain names have been registered on the Internet so far. That makes it difficult to find a name that you can use. That’s why automated tools come in handy.  Here’s a list of seven domain name generators you can use to make sure you have every option you can get.

1. Business name generator

Business Name Generator
This tool takes as input from single or multiple words. It then uses that word to generate a list of suitable business names. This tool also lets you know which names are available as domain names.

2. Dot-O-Mator name generator

This is more of a random name generator. It can be useful if you don’t have any particular words in mind. It’s great for single word lifestyle businesses that don’t need to mean anything specific. You can click the button and it’ll keep generating a name every time you click. If you like a name, you can run a domain check as well.

3. Naming.net

If you’re looking for an exhaustive list based on certain keywords or concepts, this is the tool you’re looking for. This name generator takes into account the criteria that you input. Then it generates a list of up to 816 names based on the given criteria. This is an amazing tool if you’re looking for as many options as you can get.  Your criteria doesn’t have to be meaningful words. They can be as vague as a letter, syllable, root word, or even the number of syllables you want the word to be.

4. Shopify brand name generator

Shopify has its own business name generator as well. Shopify offers one-stop solution for entrepreneurs entering the e-commerce space. It lets you build your website completely, buy domains, advertise, and everything else related to your store.

5. NetSubstance.com

This tool works based on keywords that you need to input. You can prioritise the letters of your keywords to create according variations.  It’s not a very powerful tool, but it does generate quite a few options to choose from.

6. Squadhelp AI-powered business name generator

SquadhelpSquadhelp’s business name generator uses artificial intelligence to take into account your company’s sector, keywords, and emotions to create a list of potential names. And if that doesn’t turn up anything you like then the company also offers the opportunity to create a competition where real people will pitch you their branding ideas.

7. Wordlab Business Name Generator

This tool is a massive name generator that churns out more than 7.2 million potential business names.  This tool is connected to a Wordplan community that you can access by creating a free account.  You can post topics and participate in discussions. You can even ask for suggestions from the community.

A business name is more than just a URL, it’s the name that’s going to identify your product or service. A brand name goes a long way in influencing your customers. Choose a name that’s easy to spell, remember, and pronounce. The idea is to be as accessible as possible. Depending on the industry you’re working in, you can change the theme and style so that you can appeal to the target audience.

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