CHMOD Calculator

CHMOD Calculator takes the hassle out of directory permissions

If you’ve ever built a website, whether in plain old HTML, or with a content management system like WordPress or Drupal, then you will have probably come up against directory permissions.

If your website is on a Unix or Unix-like server, and with the vast majority of servers running Linux this is pretty likely, then at some point you will need to be able to set who has permission to read, write, modify and access files files within a directory. For example, WordPress needs access to write files to your wp-content directory to enable certain functions.

Unless you are a sysadmin, it is pretty rare that you will have to manually set directory permissions these days, as most modern content management systems will correctly set permissions during install, which means it can be tough to remember what each of the settings mean and how to set them. Luckily, the website CHMOD Calculator makes it easy to choose the correct permissions by ticking a few boxes, and then shows the commands needed to make the changes.

If you can’t remember the difference between a 777 and a 655, then CHMOD Calculator is a simple tool that does just what you need.

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