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Businesses say goodbye to connectivity headaches with CBTS’s NaaS bundles

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CBTS. All opinions are 100% mine.

Technology is central to how modern businesses work, but installing and maintaining the network infrastructure that has become a necessity in today’s digital world is a major headache. Now, with the advent of Network as a Service NaaS) from CBTS, businesses can get back to what they do best.

Not only does moving the management and reporting infrastructure to the cloud make life simpler, but also reduces costs, and more excitingly offers instant scalability. Network as a Service (NaaS) provides businesses with a scalable method of supporting, maintaining, expanding, and securing today’s commercial networks. NaaS from CBTS enables customers to leverage trusted reliability to deploy a fully managed networking solution with cloud integration, security, switching, Wi-Fi, management, monitoring, and SD-WAN. Whether a single, retail location or a multi-site operation, NaaS delivers the features required while supporting the unique needs of every customer.


Every business is unique and requires a slightly different technical setup, but by bringing a wide variety of network services together under one roof, NaaS offers a simpler and more cost-effective way for admins to stay on top of their company’s connectivity.

NaaS from CBTS makes use of software-defined networking in a wide area network (SD-WAN), which decouples the network hardware from the control mechanism, to make managing hybrid, public and private networks with remote sites much less complex. No longer will system admins need to login to multiple services to monitor the various elements of their network from WiFi to VPNs, with the NaaS bringing them all together in a single dashboard.

Where previously businesses would have needed heavy investment to setup network infrastructure with complex cabling and switches, SD-WAN works over a basic broadband connection. Moreover, it is device agnostic, so businesses are able to let their employees connect without the need for expensive and specialized equipment.

Cost savings

Traditional computer networks, whether Ethernet or MPLS-based, required heavy investment from the start. The hardware switches and cabling do not come cheap, and the installation and maintenance cost, whether in-house or outsourced, made such networks prohibitively expensive for many small businesses.

By moving to a NaaS setup, businesses massively reduce their upfront costs, but the regular monthly costs for maintenance and support are also significantly cheaper with a fully managed and supported cloud service.

Reliable and secure network connectivity, such as that based on Cisco Meraki technology, can improve efficiencies and help drive profitability across all business verticals – and NaaS from CBTS makes those benefits available to small businesses for the first time, with upgrades, maintenance, and support all bundled into a single monthly fee.


A growing business is a successful business, but as a company expands its customer base and employee headcount, technology has a habit of getting in the way.

A fast growing startup with a team of three the network connectivity needed is completely different to that of a successful business two years in with over 100 employees, and moving from one setup to another has traditionally meant either downtime to install a new system that can handle the load, or an increasingly creaky network held together with duct-tape.

As with other cloud-based systems, NaaS from CBTS offers a way for companies to scale up their network services effortlessly with zero downtime, with an environment that scales as you grow the company from two founders in a small office to more than a thousand employees across multiple locations.

So, if you’re looking for a simple and managed way to keep your company connected, then Request a FREE Demo of NaaS by CBTS.

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