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If you’re just now evaluating cloud, you’re already behind. CBTS can help

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CBTS. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every American business owner understands that to compete in today’s economy they will need to be supported by fast and stable and efficient IT systems, but traditionally these have been difficult to set up and expensive to maintain. Now, thanks to the power of cloud services, network infrastructure is available as a service, which means significantly reduced costs and easier management at every stage.

Unlike cloud storage solutions, which launched the cloud services into the mainstream around a decade ago, the idea of a Hosted and Managed Network as a Service (NaaS) may not be an obvious one. Each company has specific needs for their IT network, but in reality the underlying systems are broadly similar, and can therefore be outsourced to the cloud.

Moreover, while companies do invest significant sums in adding new features to their networks, the time and expense involved means that they cannot compete with Managed Cloud Networking via NaaS from CBTS, which can develop each feature once and make it available to all their virtual network clients immediately – massively reducing the expenditure for each client.

For example, building a data analytics service for an individual network involves either expensive third-party software licenses or thousands of hours of development work. However, Managed Network as a Service eliminates the expense of MPLS and replaces it with a dynamic VPN which means a more advanced and regularly updated platform that is also less expensive.

CBTS figures show that companies that move from their own custom-built network infrastructure to NaaS powered by Meraki have saved as much as 87% on network costs. This is while increasing connectivity speeds by up to ten times and adding advanced capabilities, such as generating valuable financial and data analytics through customer interactions that can be used elsewhere in the business to drive efficiencies and grow profits.

Retail stores, for example, have been able to utilize this data to work out the best times for their stores to open and close, so they can set appropriate staff levels for each time of day, and keep costs low. Meanwhile, cafes have found that they have been able to generate significant revenue by offering free Wi-Fi to their patrons by selling targeted local advertising on their network login pages, which business find invaluable.

By moving to CBTS’ Hosted and Managed Network as a Service, companies have also seen significant improvements to the reliability of their networks. It is difficult for mid-sized businesses to know how much redundancy they need to build into their networks, with some business owners finding the expense of redundant capacity difficult to explain to investors. But with NaaS, this cost is again spread across multiple clients, so each one gets the benefit of the additional capacity without much of the expense.

It is not just traditional IT networks where Managed Cloud Network as a Service can deliver savings, in addition to NaaS, CBTS’ Connected Office Voice Premium (COVP) offering can also include voice as a managed service. One Cincinnati-based building products manufacturer and distributor that moved its infrastructure over to the CBTS NaaS offering last year, also decided to use the COVP service for VoIP connectivity for over 600 seats across 55 factory showroom locations nationwide, making huge improvements to network efficiency taking the place of their MPLS network. The move has seen them save nearly 50% on network costs over their previous setup, and the single dashboard has made management much easier for its centralized IT staff.

For companies with multiple branches or franchises, moving from complex custom-built setups to a Managed Cloud Network NaaS means that the extra infrastructure can be added in an instant, with uniformity across all locations – reducing the opening costs for the new location by up to 66%. Whether this is a clothing retailer or a US-wide coffee chain, both staff and customers want a simple and unified experience whether at a location in New York or Atlanta – something which is made notably easier by the virtual platform.

If a firm offers Wi-Fi access to its customers, then they want to be able to login with the same credentials to a service that feels familiar no matter to what location they are connecting. Moreover, by combining these locations into a cloud-managed network, NaaS can provide the company useful analytical data on customer behavior through an easy-to-use centralized dashboard to examine how it can capture additional revenue and improve services.

As US business rely ever more on their IT network to help them provide better service to their customers, CBTS’ NaaS means a quicker, more efficient, and more adaptable option that continues to improve efficiency year after year. Request a FREE Demo to see how your IT network could be improved with CBTS’ NaaS.

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Photographs by Štefan Štefančík / Olu Eletu

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