Review: NTONPOWER surge-protected power strip with 5 USB Charging Ports

Much of what we test here at TechFruit is the latest smart devices or headphones, we also take a loot at the less “shiny” but still very important items for the home and office, such as this surge-protected power strip from NTONPOWER.

Today’s gadgets are increasingly expensive (hello Apple’s iPhone X), so it is more important than ever to make sure that they are protected from power surges caused by things like lightning strikes. Some modern houses have surge protectors built right into the fuse box, but many do not and it is never a bad thing to have extra protection in items such as extension leads or power strips.


As you would expect, the HPC-8A5U-UK power strip from NTONPOWER isn’t particularly exciting to look at – its a pretty standard looking large white power strip with an on-off switch and eight UK plug sockets on the top accompanied by five USB sockets on the front. The design is very much function over design, but power strips are to hidden away with easy access – so boring is exactly what you want.


Eight plug sockets is a pretty decent number on a power strip and should serve under a desk on a home or office pretty well, where you can have your laptop, stereo, printer, and just about anything else you need to be plugged in all at the same time.

Adding in the five USB-A ports to the front is a really useful addition, as lets be honest – trying to charge your phone, tablet, Bluetooth headphones, and smartwatch all at the same time otherwise means a lot of chargers. Each USB port is equipped with Intelligent Identification (IC) technology, which determines the maximum power your device can handle and delivers it accordingly up to a maximum of 2.4A. I found the charging speed to be similar to that offered to a standard tablet charger, which is pretty good – but obviously this does not compete with the likes of QuickCharge 3.0 that some smart devices now include.

Most importantly, the strip includes surge protection so if your home or office is struck by lightning in a storm or some other electrical failure happens, your plugged-in devices should be protected.


This power strip is a useful addition to put under the desk in your home office, giving you the surge protection your devices need, while offering enough plug and USB sockets to make sure everything can be plugged in at once with little fuss. It isn’t exciting, but that’s somewhat the point.


Price at time of review: £27.99 (on sale from £42.99)

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