Wix Answers

Wix Answers offers an easy way to help your customers get the support they need

Companies looking to keep their customers happy need to keep their support services working like an efficient and well-oiled machine. There’s a variety of help desk software on the market to help firms stay organised and on top of support requests, including the one we’re taking a look at today – Wix Answers.

Wix Answers incorporates a knowledge base, multi-channel support, analytics, and business intelligence all wrapped up in a beautifully designed package.

Wix Answers

Knowledge base

The Knowledge Base is the first level of any good support solution or Help Centre as it lets customers find answers to their own problems with a quick and easy search. This helps both customers and the company, as it frees up support staff that would otherwise spend most of their time answering the same simple questions time and again, and it gives customers the chance to answer their own questions and learn how to better use the product or service via tutorials without needing to wait in a queue to chat. The fact that customers with more difficult and complex queries will have their questions answered more quickly is a bonus!

Wix Answers

Multi-channel support

For customers that need to talk to a representative, it is important that they can chat through the medium they find most useful. Support via email and ticketing system has been a basic requirement for any help desk system for years, but as a modern system Wix Answers also incorporates webchat and social media support.

If a customer has a complex problem that he knows will need a number of updates then they may start the support request by opening a support ticket, but if they feel the question should have a quick and easy answer or of they think the ticket response time is too slow, then they may well try to contact a company via social media or web chat for instant support.

By incorporating these support requests into the same help desk system, Wix Answers makes it easy to escalate issues when the need arises without customers having to repeat themselves time and again on every occasion they contact support.

Phone support

Many people prefer webchat as a way to get instant help as it offers a way for customers to download and keep transcripts of support conversations, phone support remains key, and Wix Answers includes an option for companies to get their own call centre.

People speak at 125-175 words per minute while the average typist does 38-40 words per minute, which means that those looking to explain a complex problem will do so much more quickly over the phone. Typing is even slower for most people on their phone, and according to a recent Harvard Business Review study the smartphone revolution has resulted in more people choosing to call support than email them – even more so if you have a freephone number!

Wix Answers provides an integrated help desk solution that will let customer service staff easily create or update a ticket with information from a phone call with a customer, keeping the interaction organised and up-to-date so that if the customer gets in contact again they already have all the previous information at their fingertips.

Make it beautiful and design-consistent

Whilst aesthetics may seem like it should be lower down the importance scale, a clearly laid out, easily usable, and beautifully designed help desk solution will help customers feel safe that they can trust you to provide the help they need when they need it. By default, Wix Answers offers dozens of beautiful and clearly laid out templates that that you can customise to match your brand identity.

Usability is the most important factor here, and it is surprising how often digital companies still fail to understand this problem. It should be immediately obvious what support options are on offer, what hours they are open, how to contact a real person (unlike Soundcloud), and how update an ongoing case (unlike Vodafone).

Nonetheless, a beautiful design that is consistent with the rest of the website also helps as its shows customers that the company values its customers and that support has not just been bolted on at the last minute.

Analytics and business intelligence

Support is often a labour-intensive service, but many companies underestimate the value of the information they can gain from support requests. Wix Answers provides you with all the insights you need to evaluate the performance of your support team and better understand how your customers use your products or services by examining the most commonly asked questions and service issues your customers raise. This information is essential for improving your business performance and establishing even better relationships with your clients.

It is always important to measure the performance of employees, and help desk staff are no different – but it is critical that speed is not valued over performance. Yes, companies want to help as people as quickly as possible to get through the support queue, but it is better to spend a little more time to really fix a customer’s problem so they will not have to contact support again than to offer a quick band-aid that will see them calling up the next day when the issue arises again. A good help desk solution will let you track not just closed tickets but customer satisfaction.

Further, the issue raised in support requests can be hugely valuable feedback that can inform future product development and other business decisions. Maybe the product doesn’t work quite as people expect out-of-the-box, so an improved interactive guide is worth developing, or maybe customers keep asking for an additional feature that you had not previously though about – this information can be hugely valuable in delivering the products and services that customers want.


Happy customers are not only reliable sources of recurring revenue but can also become your greatest cheerleaders and source of future leads. It is therefore hugely important that when they need help, you have the support staff and infrastructure ready to help them get the answers they need – and Wix Answers offers a one-stop-shop to help you do just that.

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