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Review: Gaston Luga Clässy laptop bag

Laptops have opened the pathways for many of us to work from locations around the world, happily getting through our tasks as easily from a cafe in Lisbon to a coworking space in London. Social distancing has made the digital nomad existence a little harder this year, but that does not mean we aren’t still on the lookout for new products that fulfil our needs and look good in the process.

We first came across Swedish backpack firm Gaston Luga last year when they kindly sent us one of their Pråper laptop bags to review, and we were impressed. And after a year, we were keen to try out another from their range – in this case the smaller Clässy laptop bag.

Look & feel

Whilst the larger Pråper was a larger unisex bag, the styling of the Clässy is more petite and feminine, with a gold-coloured badge and buckle instead of the understated black of the Pråper. However, the materials are much the same, with the main body of the bag made from hardy durable canvas and the top flap made from good looking and environmentally friendly “vegan leather”, otherwise known as PU leather. This material lacks the grains of real leather, but looks sleek on the bag itself.

Inside continues the theme of premium materials with a soft burgundy red lining emblazoned with the Gaston Luga logo, and critically a padded pouch to keep your laptop secure and protected. Both the MacBook Air and the 13″ Chromebook we use regularly fitted in this pouch with ease, but do note that you would not also be able to squeeze in a separate laptop sleeve.

In use

As a backpack, the Clässy is designed to be worn on the back, spreading the weight of your laptop and any books or notepads you are also carrying across both shoulders. The straps themselves are relatively narrow, but made of the durable PU leather material and so sit quite comfortably on the shoulders, and carrying around a light laptop like the MacBook Air (1.27kg) along with a notepad and some pens is an positive experience. And the hidden back pocked for storing valuables is a useful addition.

A 13″ laptop is a pretty snug fit in the bag, but getting everything in and out was always pretty smooth, helped by the fact that the gold-coloured buckle on the front of the bag is actually just for show and the strap is really held in place by a magnetic clasp, which means no fiddly buckle to unclasp every time you need to open or close the bag.


The Clässy is a well-made and sleek-looking women’s laptop bag designed to fit 11-13″ notebooks that is small and light enough to hide the fact that it is a work bag at all.


Price at the time of review: £95 £76 with 20% Black Friday discount (including worldwide shipping)
SPECIAL OFFER: Use coupon code “TECHFRUIT10” to get an extra 10% off your order and Gaston Luga are also currently throwing in a free slimline Plånkan wallet with each order for a limited time.

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