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6 time-saving apps for busy professionals

Do you always feel like your work-life keeps you in a daze? Does it seem like you are fighting a battle everyday between balancing things at home and office? Before the hassle numbs your mind, we would like to give you good news – there is plenty of apps out there that could make it breezy for you.

The digital marketplaces are loaded with applications to help you settle things for yourself. According to Cornerstone Dynamics, up to 80% of the average working day is spent on activities with little or no value. Now is the time to leap on the tech bandwagon and effectively manage every day.

But with so many apps to choose from, how do you know which one would do the trick?

For starters, the choice of an app depends on your needs. We have compiled a list of six time-saving apps that have helped users with the most common challenges of managing time.

Let’s take a look:

1. Evernote

Evernote’s slogan goes as follows:

 “Remember everything, capture anything, access anywhere, find things fast.”

When you are juggling through hundreds of tasks, the chances of missing something important is quite high. Using an app like Evernote will help you keep track of things and effectively manage them.

Following its slogan, the app has successfully delivered all the promises. It is a cloud-based app, which means that you can access all the notes from any device that you like. This becomes particularly useful for professionals who are on the go. Moreover, it has proven to be an excellent repository for organizing documents, letters, and reference materials.

When an idea pops into your mind, and you fear that you will forget it soon, jot it down in the Evernote application. You can easily retrieve it later. Like other note-taking apps, the app allows the user to collaborate with their fellows at the workplace by enabling access to all. It makes it easier for the distributed teams to work together.

2. RescueTime

RescueTime is the time-tracking app to record where and how you spend your time online. It is a productivity app that evaluates your virtual activity and generates a detailed report for you to have a look at.

A study reported in “Investigations in the Workplace” found that non-work-related internet-surfing results in up to a 40% loss of productivity in American companies. It is integral for companies and employees to cut down extra internet usage so they could achieve their goals in a shorter span.

RescueTime provides a fantastic way to cut down distractions. Plus, it also examines the kind of behaviors that are holding you back. This app can temporarily put a block on your go-to websites to help you focus on your work.

3. Toggl

Toggl is the leading cloud-based time tracking application for teams and individuals. The motive of this app is to make time-tracking easy for the users. All you have to do is press the “start” button, and you can track the time spent on any project. You can then press “stop” when the task is over.

The software provides integrations for Android, iPhone, and Desktop. So no matter where you are using this app, all the data stays secure on your Toggl account. On top of it all, the security algorithm of this application makes it a winner. Just like the airG scam-free apps, this application has a fool-proof algorithm.

The app contains excellent time-saving features coupled with its intuitive interface. This serves as a handy alternative to time-sheets if you want to track how much time you spend on a single project.

4. Pocket

Like many entrepreneurs, you are likely to be highly interested in what’s trending and what isn’t. Perhaps this is one reason you love to read the latest content related to your niche. Nonetheless, you may frequently lose track of time when you deeply engross yourself in the newest blog post.

Pocket is a browser-extension application that enables you to store exciting content for later reading. You can press the Browser button and command Pocket to send this article to you via email.

This app should be your instant pick if you have just entered the world of time-saving apps. It lets you stay in the loop and simultaneously helps you to save time. Its easy-to-use interface makes things simpler for every user.

5. OmniFocus

OmniFocus has made it easy for users to manage workflows on the go. Essentially, it is a project-management tool that features to-do lists. It allows you to look at your priorities for the day and work with Siri to add tasks whenever you want.

The tool allows you to design perspectives and contexts needed to manage the tasks. Be it personal life or work-related, you can add jobs and remove them off the list when you get done.

You can add projects, tag people, and insert due dates to lay out the upcoming week for maximum productivity. The Forecast feature shows what is coming up so you can stop worrying and focus on tasks that need immediate attention. In this way, you can achieve your goals in a timely manner as you get them done one step at a time.

6. Timely

Developed by Vikings in Norway, this is the first automatic time-tracking application. So far, this app has helped 5000 companies in 160 countries to stay connected with their workforce and keep tabs on their work. The elements covered by this app include project management, payroll, team management, and capacity planning.

This app outlays your workweek in advance and enables you to estimate how much time it will take to tackle the tasks. As you keep track of the time taken, you can compare it with the predictions and plan better for the upcoming days.

This app holds you accountable for the amount of time you have set aside for each task. This gives you a better insight into your pace of work and enables you to plan efficiently.

Parting notes

Managing your time is the key to lead a productive life. You will find yourself happier and more at peace when everything finishes on time. With these apps on your device, you can streamline your life for more productivity and less stress.

We hope you will download a couple of apps from the list soon. In case you come across a better time-management application, feel free to let us know!

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