GMail spam problems

Getting flooded by spam in GMail? How to block xt.local spam

Some spammers appear to be getting around GMail’s spam filters in recent months, with people around the globe reporting seeing all kinds of spam coming from xt.local mailing lists – in particular 6417211.xt.local.

GMail revolutionised free email when it was launched in 2004. Back then, Hotmail was king and email storage was measured in the tens of megabytes rather than the gigabytes we see today, and anti-spam technology (like spam itself) was still in its infancy.

As a cloud email provider with Google’s advanced computational power behind it, GMail is generally seen as having the gold standard of anti-spam technology. However, for some reason it appears that if you somehow end up on the wrong mailing list, no matter how many times you mark as spam, GMail still lets the messages through.

This is probably a bug or oversight on GMail’s part, but the situation has been getting worse for months now, with people across the web reporting spam for keto diets, cbd, life insurance, and numerous other scams getting through the spam filters and into their inboxes. Here at TechFruit, we’ve been seeing around five of these messages every day form the suspicious-looking 6417211.xt.local mailing list.

So, with Google apparently unable or unwilling to help – how do you make sure these messages never get into your inbox? Luckily, with GMail’s mail filters this is pretty simple to achieve.

Next time you receive a spam email from 6417211.xt.local or similar, follow these steps in your browser:

1. When looking at the spam email, click the three dots next to the star and reply icons to open the email menu.

xt.local spam in GMail


2. In the menu click the link that says “Filter messages like this”

xt.local spam in GMail

3. GMail will create a filter for you from the offending mailing list. Check this is the mailing list sending you spam and click the “Create filter” link.

xt.local spam in GMail

4. Tick the box that says “Delete it” and then click the “Create filter” button.

xt.local spam in GMail

5. Never see one of those annoying emails about senior discounts, cbd, life insurance, keto diets, or anything else again – they have gone straight to your Trash folder.


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