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How tech companies can use a business model to understand their growth

Traditionally, new companies have always begun with a business model that helped them to start the process of knowing what they wanted to achieve and how long it would take. A good business model was also essential if you wanted to get funding or grow your business in the future.

However, when tech companies began to spring up, they found that they didn’t have the time to create a lengthy and complicated business model. However, that doesn’t mean that tech companies don’t need them, and they can help solve a problem your company may be facing.

Creating your business model

If you have never created a business model before, then it can seem like a daunting task. However, there are ways that you can create one without too much hassle. One way is to seek the help of business growth planning consultants who can help create your business model and go through what it should include.

Alternatively, you can create the business model yourself. However, it is a good idea to get guidance from someone who has already completed one so you know what details it needs. Before you start, however, it is vital that you understand the details of your business and how it will make money. That will make the creation of the business model much easier.

What types of business models are there?

Depending on your business and what you intend to sell, there are different business models you can use. It needs to be able to fit your products and the way you sell them. Some of the most popular business model types for tech companies include:

  • Freemium Model: This offers a basic version of your product for free, usually just by signing up. However, if the customer wants to use additional services or features they need to pay. Many software companies use this business model.
  • Free Trial Model: This type of product is available free to the customer for a set amount of time. This can range from 7 days to 30 days. After this period is up, you need to pay for the product to continue using it.
  • Licensing Model: Some companies use the licensing model which requires anyone looking to use the product to buy a licence from the company. This licence will often apply to more than one computer or may be upgradeable to include more than one device.
  • Open-Source Model: Another popular model is open-source. This allows users to download and use the product for free, and the money is generated by other means. This could be by donation or crowdfunding.
  • Subscription Model: As the name implies, this model requires users to subscribe for a monthly fee to get access to the product. The product will have regular updates and additional components that the users can access.

Which business model can stimulate growth?

The business model you use depends on what you are offering and which one will suit your customers the best. It is also worth considering which model your competitors use as this can grow your business as well.

If your competitors are offering a subscription model with no free options, then offering a free option with your company may attract customers to you instead. Even if you just offer a free trial, this might be enough to convince customers to switch or choose your company over others.

As a new business, you might need to experiment with different business models to see which one works the best for your company and your customers.

How can you improve your business model?

Just like any plan or strategy, your business model may need to be adapted and altered as time goes by. There could be many reasons for this, but it is important to keep in mind that adapting to new situations and developments is vital.

Your company will get feedback from its stakeholders, customers and suppliers letting you know what is working and what isn’t. By taking this feedback on board, you can adapt your business model to improve and grow.

Regular revision of the business model will also help to draw attention to any problems before they get worse. You might also be able to intercept potential issues before they happen.


Creating a business model that works for your company will take time and effort to create and develop. However, with the right guidance and feedback, you can develop a business model that will make your company thrive.

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