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How different industries are benefiting from virtual meeting tech

People still value in-person experiences with businesses. And companies are just as keen on serving their customers face-to-face, as these meetings are monumental in developing genuine, meaningful relationships.

However, if we’ve learned anything over the last few years, it’s that in-person experiences can be taken away. So, setting up your business to thrive in the digital world is incredibly important. Enabling virtual meetings and video-based services is key in this regard.

Let’s look at how businesses in five industries are leveraging meeting technology to support virtual collaboration and premium remote experiences.


Healthcare has become so much more accessible with the use of virtual meeting tech. People who can’t get to their doctor, dentist, optometrist, or specialist’s office for one reason or another can still see them with the help of virtual meeting tech.

For example, teledentistry is rising in popularity. Patients can schedule a virtual appointment with their dentists and receive various services such as:

  • Patient onboarding and consultations
  • Going over lab results and diagnostics
  • Follow-up appointments after in-person services
  • Discussing minor symptoms and treatment plans

While accessibility, fast response times, and reduced workloads for dentists can all be a plus for teledentistry, it still comes with disadvantages.

For example, the software and equipment used to carry out virtual dental services can be costly. Not everyone has access to good internet. And sharing health information over the internet isn’t exactly safe or private. Still, making dentistry accessible through video meetings is necessary to support patients better.

Think about telehealth too. Patients can meet with their doctors, nurses, and other health specialists remotely. Providing this service is only possible with secure virtual meeting tech.

It’s important to note the behind-the-scenes technology supporting virtual meeting tech, like remote management tools. Remote management tools ensure a network or system is secure and operating properly.

With them, you can quickly identify security and performance issues that may negatively impact a patient’s telehealth or teledentistry experience. Patients, dentists, and doctors can engage in remote meetings confidently, knowing their networks and systems are running efficiently.

The healthcare industry sets the tone for how impactful virtual meeting tech can be.


We’ve always seen a lot of online education options for college, university, and trade school students. Online classes were sprinkled throughout elementary and high schools, but it wasn’t until the pandemic that we saw it in full force.

Education institutions of all sorts continue to lean on virtual meeting tech to provide students with quality learning experiences. Educators host online classes in virtual classrooms. They also use video meeting software to facilitate group work and engage with students one-on-one.

And don’t forget about hosting virtual events like lectures, workshops, and study sessions. When the education industry embraced virtual meetings, serving students regardless of their location became possible.


The marketing industry moved into the digital realm some time ago. Although traditional marketing tactics still generate results, digital marketing methods are giving them a run for their money.

Video marketing, in particular, is proving to be consumers’ favorite, and smart marketers are taking full advantage of this. Aside from creating pre-recorded videos, live-streaming and virtual events are a top priority.

Quality virtual meeting tech is the difference between a seamless live stream or virtual event and a choppy one. Marketers open up their events to more people by making them available virtually. They also reach a broader audience and increase the chances of their marketing messages resonating with more people.


The property industry has found a simple but powerful use of virtual meeting tech. Real estate companies and professionals are using virtual meeting tech to host virtual tours and open houses.

There are so many instances where a person can’t tour a home or a building in-person because they’re taking care of their children, don’t have transportation, are sick, have to work, or want to continue social distancing.

A virtual tour or open house can be just as enjoyable and effective as an in-person one. People don’t have to miss out on their dream homes or commercial buildings when virtual meetings are available.

Event planning

There’s an incredible demand for virtual events today. So, companies in the event planning industry have had to accommodate this demand and figure out how to put on outstanding events in the virtual world.

Simply put, they wouldn’t be able to do it without virtual meeting tech. Event planners ensure their events are seamless with the help of easy-to-use, customizable, and scalable virtual event hosting platforms.

A remote workforce

The industries above and so many others are continuing to offer remote work opportunities for employees. To have a solid remote workforce, virtual meeting tech is critical.

Employers mimic in-person interactions through virtual meetings. For example, teams can come together in virtual conference rooms for team meetings like they would in the office. Employees can hop into a lunch room meeting space to take their breaks and lunches with coworkers. And workers can keep their cameras on throughout their shifts to feel like they’re in the same room with each other.

In addition, communication and collaboration among employees located in various areas is much easier with virtual meeting tech. For instance, miscommunications happen often over emails, texts, and phone calls. They’re less likely to occur when you can see the person you’re working and talking with.

Remote workforces that use virtual meeting tech effectively are much stronger than those that don’t.


As you can see, industries of all kinds are benefiting from implementing virtual meetings and services. Understand that making your business and services virtually accessible is a requirement for success. So, research virtual meeting tech to find the best options for your unique team and business.

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