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3 tips to revamp your social media marketing strategy

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-effective and organic ways to boost your business growth. It not only helps you increase your brand awareness but also drives forward new leads and healthier sales pipelines. Therefore, a perfectly customized social media marketing strategy is pivotal for the growth of your business. Here we have a few pragmatic tips that will help you revamp your social media marketing strategy for better client engagement and influx of inbound web traffic. However, use of professional marketing services like social media marketing services from Abstract Digital is the best marketing solution.

Utilize the SOSTAC® marketing planning model guide

PR Smith’s SOSTAC® marketing guide is very effective in giving a goal-oriented and sustainable marketing plan. This model is divided into six steps that help to monitor the current situation, to predict the potential needs, and ensure fruitful results. A detailed view of these steps are as following

  • Situation Analysis: The first step is about monitoring the current citation. That includes the steps taken, the work done and the outcomes these actions have made. That is where we stand.
  • Objectives: The second step encapsulates the real goals of our business. The vision, the objectives(both the short term and the long term) i.e. engaging customers, gaining followers, and maintaining the standard quality. However, make sure that these are the smart objectives
  • Strategy: Third and the major step is about creating a plan to reach your objectives. These may be getting an insight into the potential buyers, readvertising to the old clients, or redirecting the visitors to your website.
  • Tactics: The fourth step will be about the tactics that can help to gain the main objectives. These can be SEO content, post frequency, use of social media platforms like Linkedin, youtube, Facebook, etc.
  • Actions: This step is about the route that will be adopted to execute the plans. Who will be assigned for particular duties and who will not be assigned. For example, considering staff abilities, making groups according to their skills, outsourcing or by strong in-house internal systems and processes, etc).
  • Control: Fifth step will be about monitoring the outcomes, how far have we come and how long will it take to reach there. These include monitoring the KPIs, customer feedback, and taking frequent surveys.

Indeed, a complete model that can change the game of marketing for you and your business.

Monitor the results

After you create and execute your marketing strategy, the other fine step to take is monitoring the outcome of these strategies. As it is imperative to know whether the strategy is in parallel to your personalized goals, your brand vision, and is by your target audience or not. However, what metrics you will use to examine the results of your strategy will be demanded on the social media platform you are using. Moreover, it is also potent to keep up to date with the changing algorithm and the changing trends of the internet.

Get professional help

Other than all the techniques and tactics that can be used to raise your brand recognition and drive lead traffic to your website, getting professional help is the best solution of all. These professional experts will provide you algorithm-based social media marketing plans that will not only be customized regarding your specific business goals and desired outcomes. Working to make the whole process more cost-effective and consistent.