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5 essentials to starting a YouTube channel

If you’re considering starting a YouTube channel now is a perfect time to do it. YouTube channels are a great way to build your business or create side income around your favourite hobby. Viewers watch over a billion hours of YouTube each day and YouTube channels reach people all over the world. If you’re ready to be a part of this growing market, here are five key essentials to get started:


Whether you realize it or not, YouTube channels are scripted, and the best way to read your script is to use a teleprompter. You can easily transform your smartphone into a miniature teleprompter, allowing you to read your script in a natural way while looking directly at the camera. With a teleprompter, you won’t have to worry about constantly looking down at a written script or having pieces of paper get out of order. Teleprompters bring that easy, professional look to videos and are often the secret to the best channels.


The next fundamental piece of equipment to create your YouTube channel is a camera. The camera that you use can be as basic as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Or it can be a stand-alone camera. Regardless of what camera you choose, as you’re reading from the teleprompter, make sure you know where your lens is so it appears as if you are looking directly at your audience while talking.


Lighting is critical, arguably more critical than the camera you use. Bad lighting can make you lose an audience before you’ve had a chance to get into your content. You don’t need professional lights to make your video look good, but you do need to practice and see what looks good on camera. Utilize lamps and any other moveable lighting that you have on hand. Test out windows or outdoor locations. If you use natural light, make sure that when you record your video you are recording at the same time of day when you tested the lighting.


The background that you choose to record your video is entirely up to you. This is where your personality and your channel’s personality can really shine. A general rule with backgrounds is that simple is better. Too much going on can make a background look cluttered and can be distracting to your content. Lighter colours are better and tend to create a cleaner look overall.

Editing software

Just like a camera, editing software can be as basic or as complicated as you would like to get. Make sure you choose something that is easy to use and works for you. You want editing software that not only makes your videos look better but that you enjoy using.

Finally, as you embark on your channel, have fun. Channels grow in popularity not because of their content but because of the host. If you love the channel that you’ve created people will take notice. Start a channel today and reach out to countless YouTube viewers all around the world.