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5 reasons why used servers are a wise investment for thriving IT companies

Providers of managed, cloud, and internet services in the IT industry need servers that can handle the load without breaking the bank. So, how can you discover ways to save money while nevertheless satisfying the needs of your clientele?

Refurbished servers are the obvious choice when it’s time to upgrade. Following closely on that train of thinking is the widespread dread of zombies, or, more specifically, of being trapped on zombie servers. These lifeless organisms will drain your finances and operational funds while contributing nothing of worth.

The question then becomes why you would wish to get retired machines from other server rooms and data centers. To what end would it be practical for them to do such tasks on your behalf?

If you’re in the business of providing web hosting, internet services, cloud backup, IoT, data recovery, big data services, online security protection, telephony, or any of a number of related services, you have at least five compelling reasons why refurbished is the way to go. If you want a clearer picture, read on.

Saving money = making more profit

You should be able to get reconditioned hardware for a much lower price than the original price of the item. A strong server like the Dell PowerEdge R740, for instance, can be purchased for much less money if purchased in refurbished condition while still performing as well as a brand-new one.

Refurbished central processing units and random access memory may cut costs significantly. When comparing prices, DDR3 EEC RAM is far more cost-effective than DDR4 EEC.

Intel Xeons are still widely used in data centers, so you may save money by purchasing processors from the older E5 Series. They may be purchased for a small fraction of the cost of the most recent Xeons, such as the Intel® Xeon® Processor E7-8894 v4, which are now on the market.

Whether you’re purchasing for all of your servers in the data center or just a few of them, the savings will mount up quickly. Purchasing used IT equipment can stretch your dollars even farther, allowing you to make more strategic investments for future growth.

Quality checked performance

Servers that have been professionally reconditioned often outperform brand-new models. Both new and used servers benefit from having their storage, memory, and processing power properly configured.

However, refurbished servers may sometimes equal or even outperform brand-new ones if they are appropriately chosen for the task at hand. For instance, you can depend on Xeon® E5-2670s to excel in tasks like file storage, hosting virtual machines, rendering 3D models, or rendering domains.

Fitting your technological requirements

If you’re just starting out in the realm of providing various services, your service provider should point you in the direction of the appropriate IT gear that can run the necessary virtualization platforms.

White box servers not only save costs but also provide greater leeway in terms of configuration. The modular design of these servers makes it possible to swap out faulty components without having to throw away the whole machine. It is also simpler to get tailor-made servers to accommodate specific requirements and workloads in the business.

Providing strong reliability

Maintaining high levels of dependability is essential in any setting, but more so for Tier III and Tier IV facilities. Your power supply, fans, and storage devices are the most likely to fail if you use used components, so be prepared. However, when your reconditioned servers have been thoroughly inspected and come with an extended guarantee, you can be certain of their reliability.

If your server has any used parts, look for a warranty that specifies each part has been tested separately and subsequently the entire server has been tested. Try to find a return policy that lasts at least 30 days and a warranty that replaces configured servers or internal components for at least 60 days. A one-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all new components is standard.

Exceptional customer service staff and fast shipping

As we have seen, you should only work with refurbished server suppliers that have the experience necessary to guarantee that you are in fact obtaining just what it is that you want.

It’s possible that you’ll want expedited shipment at some point, in which case you should investigate the company’s delivery schedules and rates. So, if you choose to collaborate with a supplier of refurbishment who has a significant amount of expertise, you will be able to gain in terms of both price and performance.

Final words

Used servers provide significant cost reductions for IT companies. Very little operational risk and significant cost savings may be expected if the consumer is aware that they are purchasing a previously-owned model and are purchasing only from an approved partner. A post-warranty support contract may really improve the customer experience beyond what is available when purchasing directly from the supplier and utilizing them for assistance.