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5 top gadgets to help keep your car safe

In 2020, on average, 205 vehicles were being stolen every day! Car security should be your number one priority to keep your car safe and avoid any financial repercussions. If your car is stolen, you should inform the police and your car insurance provider. If you have a car finance agreement in place, you should also inform your finance lender. You will need to carry on paying for your car finance until your insurance company has resolved the matter. Having your car stolen can be upsetting and costly so there are many ways in which you can another level of security to your car!

1. Halfords Anti-Theft Car Key Signal Blocker

Keyless cars have become a lot more popular in the past few years, but keyless car theft is also on the rise! Keyless cars use an app or car fob to automatically access the car and start it up. Many criminal use wireless transmitters to trick the car into thinking the fob is present and gain access to your vehicle. You can avoid this by investing in the Anti-theft car key signal blocker. This key fob wallet works by isolating the key fob signal from devices that thieves commonly use to access your vehicle. The lining of the pocket provides a protective barrier against devices that scan the code emitted by your key fob.

2. Stoplock Pro steering wheel lock

One of the easiest ways to make your car less attractive to thieves is the use a steering wheel lock. The Stoplock Pro Steering Wheel Lock is bright yellow and can be spotted a mile off! It’s a bar style lock that is quick and easy to install but difficult for thieves to remove. It stops potential theft by restricting the movement of the steering wheel and prevents airbag removal. The Stoplock is opened by the driver using a small key and also comes with a lifetime guarantee!

3. Nextbase 622GW dashcam

Dashcams are a great choice to keep you safe on the road, monitor driving and can be sued as evidence in the result of a crash or accident. But some dashcams such as the Nextbase 622GW Dashcam can also be used as an in-car security camera. The intelligent parking mode is a feature which record any bump or movement on the vehicle when its parked up. You can also use the cabin view camera to record inside the vehicle and are a popular choice for taxi drivers, uber drivers and private hire cars. Also remember that dashcams should also be fitted in a place which isn’t immediately obvious to potential thieves.

4. iTrack TK102 Mini GPS Tracker

GPS trackers can monitor a vehicles location to safeguard your vehicle against left. They can be hidden within the vehicle so potential thieves don’t even know they are there. If your car is stolen, you can then track the cars’ location and report it to the police. The iTrack TK102 Mini GPS Tracker is a compact, easy to use and powerful tracker. The tracker is fitted with its own Sim card which you call in the event of theft and wait for it to go to voicemail. You then receive a text message to your phone with its exact location. This tracker also has a SOS button which when pressed, triggers an SMS message to the last number which called the device. This can help to keep both passenger and vehicle protected.

5. Security window etching service

Security Window Etching Service is a highly effective way to deter potential thieves. Etched vehicles are 45% less likely to be stolen and 50% more likely to be recovered in the event of theft. This process consists of etching all the windows of your vehicle with the logo of the International Security Register (the ISR) and a code that is unique to your vehicle. The code is then linked to a database that is recognised by all police forces in the UK!

Top tips to prevent car theft

The above gadgets can help to add an extra layer of security to your vehicle but there are also many easy ways in which you can reduce your chances of falling victim to theft.

  • Lock your doors
  • Remove any valuable or documents out of the car or out of sight
  • Keep your keys out of reach and hidden within your own
  • Always try to park your car in a place that is well lit and in public view
  • Remove your satnav and dashcam
  • Don’t leave your car running when popping in the shop or de-icing your windscreen
  • Turn your car wheels into the curb when parked
  • Close your windows, lock your doors, and keep valuable out of reach in slow moving traffic