5 ways to improve time management in your service business

Time is everything when it comes to servicing work, as it usually falls on maintenance or repair work to keep everything in working order. Any delays in service work can usually mean bigger problems, both for your business and for the customer.

Therefore, it is important to save time in the best ways that you can. Here are five ways that you can improve your time management within your service business.

1. Have everyone understand their roles

When it comes to servicing and maintenance tasks, it is important for everyone to not only have their designated role but understand it, too. That way, the right individuals can get to work immediately within their own roles and work more effectively as a team overall.

Miscommunication with roles and responsibilities within a service business risks jobs and tasks being delayed — or worse, missed altogether.

2. Stick to a schedule

Within servicing, you need a clear schedule to get everything achieved properly. Some jobs and maintenance tasks may take longer than they should or are delayed without a proper schedule.

One set schedule which every employee can work from means that everybody is running from the same page, meaning time is only ever spent on the right tasks at the right time.

3. Utilize technology

Technology and software are going to help immensely when it comes to streamlining tasks and saving time. What may take an employee hours to do could take the right software a few seconds. You could take advantage of work order software to make sure that all maintenance work and tasks are scheduled in the right way and allow you easier management of tasks remotely. This will increase communication and time efficiency.

4. Have a dependable finance routine

You need to have a good system in place for your finances to correctly invoice for every job and understand how much servicing jobs are costing you (for example, for parts or employee wages).

You do not want to waste time by having a shoddy finance system, which means some errors need chasing up or costs, which do not make sense.

Having a clear system from the get-go means you don’t have to worry about wasting time, as well as being able to invoice customers as soon as possible to ensure a healthy flow of income.

5. Go electronic wherever you can

You do not want to be overrun by piles of paperwork, not to mention that switching to electronic documents is more environmentally friendly. Switching to electronic methods wherever you can will help you automate many processes and make others achievable in a shorter space of time. For example, electronic signatures gained from customers that can be emailed across instantly will be less time consuming than drawing up paperwork and requiring physical signatures.

What matters most within a servicing business is that you use your time effectively, manage your tasks accordingly, and maintain a flexible working schedule for your customers.

Photograph by Jan Vašek