5 ways to use popups for better conversion

Some commercial websites do not use popups at all. They prefer a structure based on internal links, that open new pages on the same site. An example of this structure can be a series of attractive offers for gamers, like a list of the best gaming resorts in the US. In this case, you can decide to let the visitor view all the bonuses and discounts on the same page. The client can easily compare the offers without leaving the page.

In some other cases, your content can be presented more efficiently using popups to increase your conversion rate. Here are 5 good tips for you if you decide to go that way.

Talk benefits, not features

This is a basic rule of marketing. When designing a popup,  a page element that should carry short and sweet messages, this rule becomes even more important. Your client is not interested in all the wonderful features of your product/service. She is interested in the old dear WIFM – What’s in It For Me? Put yourself in her shoes, answer this vital question and put the answer in your popup.

Display the right message at the right time

Popups are great to host a call for action. Ask yourself: what do I want my client to do? There are several possibilities. Sure, you want her to click some Buy Now! button. But there are so many more things you can do with popups to offer a great customer experience to your visitors. Give them suggestions on the actions they should take. Subscribe to your newsletter. Ask for your catalogue. Request a sales agent to call. Ask for tech assistance. Place different types of calls to action in popups in strategic positions on your website and see your success rate grow.

Use best quality pictures

Avoid lousy pics at all costs! Popups are a great chance to charm and attract clients. Choose highest quality photographs, savvy design for vector graphics, well chosen colours… Make it pleasant to the eye and stimulating for your customer’s curiosity. Turn a popup into a pleasant visual experience and your visitor will gladly respond to the call for action to get more.

Keep it simple

Think of one problem that your product or service can solve. Just one per single popup. Do not load a popup with too many messages. A popup must be something agile and powerful. Unless it offers a very clear and juicy advantage, it will just irritate your potential client. You do not want her to close your page and navigate away out of annoyance.

Avoid the spammy look

Who says that the only way to catch a visitor’s attention is to cover up the whole page with a huge, centered popup? Put it discretely in a corner. Make it large enough to be visible, but not so large as to hide content that the potential client is reading. Nothing is so counter-productive as interrupting the flow of attention that someone is already giving you. A pop up can slide elegantly as the readers continues to scroll down the page. She will know that there is some content to read there and will turn to it when she is ready.