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7 must-have proxy tools for Windows 10

While online, it is helpful to protect your IP address due to many reasons. Yes, keeping your privacy is essential using the right tools will enable you to achieve that. But the market offers a range of such services at different prices, and without overlooking the pros and cons. Well, one type that will make your browsing experience excellent are the proxy tools. Here are some of the best ones that will not mess you on Windows 10 OS.

1. Cyberghost

Cyberghost offers protection by generating an IP that secures personal information while browsing. The software is user-friendly once installed on your computer and other desired devices. You can use multi-devices while connected safely to the internet, and the browsing data remains separated from personal details. Indeed, the tool does not log your files at any point to keep all from theft or prevent severe effects.

2. Express

If you need a tool that provides access to many locations while also accessing blocked sites, then the famous name, Express will serve you well. You, however, need to change the server locations through a thorough reconfiguration. The tool is quick and very stable on Windows 10, and in one click all you need will get done.

3. Ultrasurf

For the individuals who prefer small-sized, portable and unrestricted proxy tool, Ultrasurf will suit you. That means you get to secure your privacy for free and access the web from anywhere. The tool encrypts web traffic while you have the personal IP address hidden. The ease to handle enables you to use it on any device through a USB drive even without registration.

4. Freegate

Freegate is a tool that not only provides online privacy but is also portable for use once installed. You can walk around with it on your USB drive and connect to any device with a lot of safety. Even though the default browser is the internet explorer; you can adjust the settings from the user interface. Besides, you will love using the allowed HTTP of SOCKET5 protocols on any Windows OS versions.

5. Tor

Tor is best-known with its simple user interface, which is accessible when installed on the Tor Browser. The open Firefox window and extensions prevent other sites or malicious users from tracking you. Unlike the other traditional tools, you cannot select a proxy server you need, but the app still connects and hides your IP address while also encrypting your traffic.

6. Kproxy

The service from Kproxy is web-based and adjustable depending on what you require. When downloaded, you can add the plugin using many browsers like Chrome or Firefox. The tool suits the people who need to avoid some locational restrictions on accessing some websites.

7. Psiphon

Psiphon has a simple and easy to access user interface. The feature enables you to select what you need out of 7 different servers. You will enjoy the excellence in maintaining your privacy and its equipped Split Tunnel feature. Besides, you can configure your proxy ports, transport mode or upstream proxy.

Using free proxy tools to secure your privacy on the internet is crucial. Besides, the market provides numerous such services to enable you to connect without showing personal data. So, it is essential to understand the difference between the options to avoid getting messed up next time.

Photograph by The Digital Way