7 tips to make sure your team feels supported in the workplace

Working for a business and being part of a team can be engaging, fun and rewarding, although at times it can also be frustrating and a challenge. Working in a team means you’ll naturally have a variety of skills on offer, making it easier to achieve success. Although to be a successful team, it’s vital that every member of the workforce feels valued and supported, so how do you achieve this?

HR software systems

Having a professional, reliable and advanced HR system in structure is a vital part of ensuring your employees feel supported in the workplace. Investing in digital HR developments such as an all in one HR software UK system will help to manage administration so that HR team members are more free and able to assist employees with other matters.

Why is teamwork crucial to success?

Humans are social beings and thrive around other people. In the workplace, creativity and performance can be boosted when people work together. It’s also been suggested that working with others can reduce stress as well as build relationships and morale. It also encourages the development of skills and helps employees to expand their knowledge and grow.

What are the challenges?

As we are all individuals, working in a team can be a challenge as we all have different ideas on how things should be done. Poor communication can be an issue – It’s important to be able to express needs, opinions, and feelings within a team for it to be a success. If goals are unclear and there is no structure or plan, it can be hard for team members to feel motivated or valued. Teams without a clear direction will feel disjointed and team members will become disengaged. A lack of leadership and drive can prevent motivation and focus. Each member of the team should have a good understanding of their role and be accountable. Below are some ideas on how to improve team culture and productivity.


Team interpersonal skills and bonding is necessary to be successful and produce results. Open communication, sharing views, information and skills help everyone to feel empowered and positive. It’s imperative to communicate individual success within the team as well as focus on areas that need to be improved. It’s important to keep up-to-date with each other’s projects and progress with regular updates – scheduled support and feedback should help team members to feel valued and supported.

Encourage diversity and inclusivity

Differences need to be celebrated within a team to promote diversity and balance. It’s important to encourage a range of approaches and ideas to work, dismissing other opinions and ideas that don’t align with your own can be damaging and cause issues. All opinions should be acknowledged and respected, as everyone has the right to be heard and included.

Empowering others

One of the best ways to show trust and encourage growth in a team is by empowering those around you. If you allow others to think for themselves and make their own decisions and judgments they should instantly feel valued and respected. Delegating work is often a simple way to demonstrate trust and encourage empowerment.

Support health and wellbeing

For your team to be a success it’s vital to remember that people have a life beyond work, so they should also feel supported and encouraged to have a positive work/life balance. It’s also sensible to openly discuss mental health and wellbeing as promoting the benefits of wellbeing results in a happier and healthier team. In turn, this can engage employees, improve team culture and morale.

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