8 ways outsourcing software testing can save your company money

For smaller and mid-sized organisations that develop software, it makes more sense to outsource the testing process. Testing in-house can tie up much of your time, resources, and money, so your best bet is to choose an experienced firm to take over this task for you. The biggest reason to do this has to do with your organization’s bottom line. Here are eight popular reasons why you should consider using an outsourced company to help with the testing phase of your software development strategy and save money.

1. Human resources

Most companies that decide to partner with an outsourced computer software testing company do it to save big on the cost of skilled personnel. Not only can your company save on having to recruit full-time software testers, you can also avoid paying costly training, benefits, and other perks comparable to the rest of your team. If the testing process does not make up a huge portion of your company’s business plan, it makes no sense to invest in a fully staffed testing department. Software testers demand a large salary, so you could also help save on this significant cost.

2. Project time

Outsourcing can also help your company save on project costs. The testing process for your software development timeline can incur extra costs if you don’t have a solid team focused on expediting your products through. Assigning these tasks to your current staff could have them working on testing as an afterthought, drawing out the process even longer. Instead, you could speed up your product development by hiring an outsourced team and getting things done faster. This, in turn, could help move your software into making revenue quicker.

3. Additional expertise

Having an experienced outsourced software testing team can also help you spot mistakes or problems before they end up costing your company money. Dedicated software testers with years of experience could help make your product the best it can be, which can help save money in developing software patches, bug fixes, and updates.

4. Data and hardware

Companies that host their own software testing department in-house also need to equip the team with additional technology to get the job done. Software testers need data capabilities, storage capacity, and computer hardware to be able to do their jobs. You don’t have to invest in additional machinery to get this testing done; instead, you could simply let another firm handle the logistics.

5. Focus of your organization

If your company is not a large corporation, you may also be struggling with focusing on all aspects of your business. Your company may not have the ability to devote more money to other business operations beyond your current capabilities. With an outsourced company, your team can simply focus on your main mission as a business.

6. Best practices

Organizations that specialise in computer software testing, like QAwerk at, have the time, commitment, and energy you’ll need for your software products to reach their potential. Companies like QAwerk focus on best practices in the industry and help their clients push software products to higher income possibilities. If you want your software options to be fully developed and meet your customers’ needs without disappointing them, this is the best method of getting there.

7. Innovation and ideas

You’re also more likely to see more innovation and new ideas regarding the software testing process at a firm that is solely devoted to this process. Big data and software security are becoming key components of the contemporary software development industry. Neglecting these new trends could age your software products and have you scrambling for expensive updates or changes.

8. New product development

Businesses that use an outsourced solution to their testing process may also be able to get a quicker start on their new product development. New products mean more opportunities to make more money in the long-term. If your company can find a balance between pushing new software and getting it right, you stand to make huge profits. Using the best resources, like outsourced testing, is a smart move that helps the bottom line.

Companies that are already stretched thin on resources, staff, and capital have to make the right choices to push their organization higher up the success ladder. Teaming up with an outsourced software testing firm may be the best way to get started on this process.

Photograph by Pexels