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A profile of some of the biggest tech investors out there right now

The past year has brought unprecedented challenges. Very few people could have predicted the turbulent landscape of 2020, which sent shockwaves through businesses around the world, the stock market and global politics. However, if there is one thing that the great tech investors know, it is how to navigate uncertain times. Tech investors live and die by the ability to spot potential, to know which companies are going to change the way we do business and live our lives, and to steer clear of those buzzy businesses that burn out before they get anywhere.

But who are these investors pushing these ground-breaking companies to dazzling new heights and incredible success? Here are just a few that you should know about.

Theresia Gouw

The 53-year-old Theresia Gouw spent fifteen years making her reputation at Accel, where she was the first female partner and made investments in firms such as Imperva and Trulia. In 2014, she cofounded Aspect Ventures before going on to co-founding venture capital firm Acrew Capital in 2019. Both firms have been backed by Melinda Gates, and Acrew has recently made waves with its new fund to increase diversity in limited partners and potentially change the game in a very serious way.

Gouw has spoken about the importance of teamwork and collaboration in her investment strategy, and deliberately set up Acrew with a multigenerational team to maximize potential. It certainly seems to be paying off so far. Their primary interests are in financial services and the future of the way we do business.

Tej Kohli

Much of the focus on tech investors is usually on Silicon Valley, or the US at large, but anyone will tell you that some of the most exciting names in tech investment are coming out of Asia. You’ll have heard of big names from China like Jack Ma, but Indian entrepreneurs have been making serious waves for a while now, and one of the biggest names out there is Tej Kohli.

Kohli made his start in payment technologies, and the tech frontier has always been one of his key areas of interest. His investment in the Swiss deep tech fund Rewired is typical of his interest in the AI revolution, and he is committed to pushing for renewable and environmentally conscious projects with projects in Africa. His investments reflect his personal interests and personal freedom as an investor, which make him very exciting to watch.

Nisa Leung

As the last twelve months have showed, healthcare technology is only going to become more important and Nisa Leung has garnered an incredible reputation over the years. She co-founded Biomedic Holdings, whose focus was on pharmaceuticals, health care services and medical devices. Now, she is a managing partner of Qiming Venture Partners and her focus is still on the technology that will improve healthcare and help save lives in the years to come. As per a recent profile in Forbes, Leung is on the lookout for firms who have a vision for the future from the very beginning, rather than anyone looking to make a quick splash.