A quick guide to GPS vehicle trackers

The GPS system is arguably one of the greatest, most useful technologies to benefit the average person today. GPS trackers are widely used now in all kinds of areas to enhance the safety and security of vehicles, property and, in some cases, people.

Car trackers

Undoubtedly one of the most useful advances in car security and one of the factors in helping to prevent car theft is the car tracking device. Another key benefit comes with the reduction in insurance premiums that are available when you fit a GPS car tracker.


Motorbike theft is big business and unfortunately, any kind of bike, old or new, classic or modern, large or small is a target for thieves. Look for a specialist installer who understands the vulnerability of bikes and is experienced in stealth installation. This means placing the smallest, most discreet tracking device where it can’t be found. Make sure to choose a device which is self-maintenance and can rely on its own internal battery power source to avoid draining the bike’s battery.

Van and fleet trackers

Commercial vehicles can also benefit greatly from the expert installation of a GPS vehicle tracking device as these are among the most vulnerable to theft, whether of the vehicle itself or the contents inside. And whether you are a small business with one van or a large concern with multiple vehicles to protect, any losses can hit you hard not only through having to replace stock or vehicle but also having to suffer increased insurance premiums.

If you rely on your vehicle for work then the smart thing to do is look into how you can get a GPS tracker installed and start protecting your assets straight away. To ensure you have the best chance of getting reduced motor insurance premiums you should look for Thatcham approved van trackers, preferably those categorised as CAT 5/6 and S5/S7.

Fleet trackers should have 12-volt and 24-volt capacity and a useful addition would be engine immobilisation and driver recognition features to prevent an unauthorised drive-away. The ability to monitor driver behaviour and unauthorised or unscheduled vehicle use is an advantage to many businesses. Vans and trucks that are regularly driven into Europe would benefit from standard European connection coverage so make sure you choose a quality GPS tracker with this option.

Motorhome and caravan trackers

Motorhomes and caravans have now reached a high level of specification which means that to buy one brand new or nearly new entails a substantial financial outlay. Added to the initial purchase cost the owners of motorhomes and caravans often kit out their vehicles with expensive satellite TV equipment, solar panels, barbeque and leisure equipment, all of which would mean a huge financial loss should the vehicle get stolen. This is besides all the personal effects that you can ill afford to lose. And like any road-going vehicle, caravans and motorhomes attract fairly hefty insurance premiums.

In light of this, it makes sense to protect this most valuable asset from theft with a GPS tracking device. You can choose from insurance or non-insurance approved devices but either way, many insurers will offer discounts or reductions in premiums to owners who take the step of having a device professionally installed.

Many motorhome and caravan thefts occur outside the home premises but imagine if yours went missing from a remote area or campsite. If this happened wouldn’t you want to know that everything possible could be done to get your beloved van back? In this case, an insurance approved tracking device with a level one police response capability would be the one to choose.

Photograph by Toby Parsons