Android TV

What are Android TV boxes and what can they do?

An android box is a requirement for any home. It is something that will definitely transform the life of any home. The box will transform any contemporary TV into a smart television. This means your TV can connect to the internet giving you access to all the shows on the internet. This gives you viewership into online TV shows. You also have access to sports and movies. In addition to this you can download games and applications to your new smart TV. The device also acts as a multimedia interface. This grants you access to the internet. It can also play your music. To use the android TV box, it is important that you understand how it works properly. The following is information on Android TV boxes:

How to set up the Wi-Fi?

For the device to work you require to have a working internet connection. This is the only way the box will transform you TV into a smart TV. Most of the Android TV boxes will have the ability to connect to the internet either through a Wi-Fi connection or through an Ethernet cable. So that you can connect your Android TV box to a Wi-Fi connection you require to have a router and an internet service that is active. The procedure to connect to the Wi-Fi signal begins by clicking on the settings icon that will appear on your TV. You then go to the menu options and click on Wi-Fi. After selecting the Wi-Fi option, select the router that you desire. You then enter the applicable passwords. After that check for a Wi-Fi symbol that appears at the bottom of your TV screen. It should be on the bottom right corner.

Familiarizing yourself With XBMC

XBMC on your Android TV box allows you to select all the media that you desire. The XBMC home screen features a lot of options including custom options, TV-shows, movies, add-ons and settings options. To use the TV-box properly you should be perfectly familiar with the functionality of the XBMC. To make a selection on the XBMC requires the use of the remote control. You use the remote to select all types of media including games and music. You require some level of basic knowledge to customize the XBMC. It has a variety of skins to choose from so you can pick your fancy.

Install Fusion

This is an application that you require to ease the process of downloading all the popular add-ons. Fusion is unlike other tools with the same functions in Android devices. This is because Fusion has been custom-built for the Android TV boxes. Fusion improves media collection on the TV box. This allows quick streaming of media straight from the internet. This improves your speed of downloading and streaming media. To install Fusion, you require to install the file containing the application. To enable you perform the installation successfully, there are several how-to videos on the internet that can be of assistance.

Wireless keyboard or dedicated remote

You should consider using a wireless keyboard instead of the remote control adds that can be downloaded from the internet. The wireless keyboard is simply more convenient. It makes searching for media as well as entering some text on the TV box much easier. The keyboard will also, most likely, come with a wireless mouse. This will enable you to scroll through the selections much easier.

Google Play Store

This is the store that has all the applications you need. It also has games and streaming services for your TV box. Using of the Google Play Store can really boost you Android TV user experience. This is the reason why big television companies like Sony are adopting the combinations of smart TVs and Android TV.

How do Android TV boxes compare with Mini-PC sticks?

The Android boxes have adopted basically the same hardware as PC sticks. They are, however, much more powerful than PC sticks. Both the devices run on Cortex A9 cores but the Android core is more powerful as it is dual-core whereas the PC stick is single core.


The Android TV boxes are available online for between $60 and $100. You can get them on such websites as e-Bay and Amazon by searching for them on the search bar.

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